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From the month of December, 2012.

Another Year. Apt to start a NYE movie marathon with that, wouldn’t you say?

Happy New Years Eve everyone.

5:15 PM Dec 31st 2012

We’re all talking about it and I realise I know not of one girl who hasn’t been abused of one kind or another. That’s painfully saddening.

7:38 AM Dec 29th 2012

@Shreyas_Chowhan But as you grow old, memory also, you know, what is it… forgets.

11:24 AM Dec 28th 2012 in reply to Shreyas_Chowhan

Everything fades.

7:09 PM Dec 27th 2012

Never missed (undergrad) university life more than I am now.

4:40 PM Dec 27th 2012

Also, it’s been one year since I left my old job to be a photographer. Very thankful for the eventful year it has been.

5:14 PM Dec 26th 2012

Met yet another friend from the UK. This month has stuck me in nostalgia mode.

5:08 PM Dec 26th 2012

It’s Wednesday? Holidays have messed up my sense of the week. Must get back to work.

4:55 AM Dec 26th 2012

@gonsalves_r You could travel by local trains. Ideally in the afternoons or late at night. If in Bandra, desserts at Eat Around the Corner.

1:55 PM Dec 24th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@gonsalves_r Spend an evening at Cuff Parade/Marine drive. Eat vada pav or dabeli. Visit town(Colaba area). Parsi food at Ideal corner cafe.

1:51 PM Dec 24th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@gonsalves_r Which area of the city will you be? Check out Comedy Store (Vagina Monologues was a hoot) or NCPA if something good is playing.

1:48 PM Dec 24th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

Back home after two weeks. And didn’t think I’d ever say this, but slightly missing Bombay. There’s something in that city…

1:13 PM Dec 24th 2012

Traffic message board on the western express highway, Bombay: “Beware drunken drive is on”… Huh?

6:32 AM Dec 21st 2012

@SudhanAtri Hello! Nope, still in Bombay. Back on Monday. I have been emailing my work to clients. Work should be put up sometime soon.

3:28 AM Dec 21st 2012 in reply to SudhanAtri

Bombay still doesn’t cease to amaze. Walking on its streets again.

11:32 AM Dec 19th 2012

Dadar just before peak hour, wow. Never seen so many people at a train station before. Wonder how it’s going to be on my return in the peak.

11:30 AM Dec 19th 2012

@the_epicurious for local food, Halli Mane in Malleshwaram would be good for lunch or a light meal or Pai Vihar near Anand Rao. @lokallobaat

8:39 AM Dec 17th 2012 in reply to lokallobaat

Patiently waiting for @rungta and @_RohitNag to arrive, while sitting in an open terrace restaurant, at the golden hour.

12:09 PM Dec 10th 2012

And the wings of the flight is above our heads!

7:18 AM Dec 10th 2012

Travelling to Diu, in the smallest flight I’ve ever been in. The kinds with the propellers protruding out. This is going to be interesting.

7:15 AM Dec 10th 2012

Ah airport, I’ve missed your air.

See you Diu, in 8 hours.

1:02 AM Dec 10th 2012

There is no such thing as free space in a girls suitcase.

8:31 PM Dec 9th 2012

@rungta Wedding photographer you. :P

Congratulations @5anket!

4:57 PM Dec 9th 2012 in reply to rungta

The most toxic line: Did they promise you “exposure” or “a good portfolio piece”?[+]

9:05 AM Dec 9th 2012

The crazy day ends with a movie marathon with @rain_noon. Been a while since I’ve done that.

6:43 PM Dec 7th 2012

@anexasajoop Yeah. I can only think of my dad. And in a wild shot U.R. Ananthamurthy, who happens to be my neighbour.

8:20 AM Dec 7th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

@anexasajoop Used to. Till the tenth. Not proficient enough though. Although it is my mother tongue.

8:00 AM Dec 7th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

@anexasajoop Haha! Wow, brilliant! This should totally be made.

7:40 AM Dec 7th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

“Design is the choices we make about the world we want to live in.” -Wilson Miner.[+]

9:13 PM Dec 6th 2012

@anexasajoop Round, with terminals like dripping ghee or milk. No?

8:58 PM Dec 6th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

@anexasajoop But that name does sound like a keeper if you ever do make a Kannada typeface.

8:45 PM Dec 6th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

@anexasajoop Just had holige a while back. :) Well, that doesn’t help you now does it…

8:38 PM Dec 6th 2012 in reply to anexasajoop

You always find it in the last place you look… And that’s how I spent the last 4 hours. Sigh.

7:44 PM Dec 6th 2012

@garethhoover you must be quite proud that you initiated the face-palm action, aren’t you?

12:43 PM Dec 6th 2012 in reply to garethhoover

Been editing in Aperture again after ages, and now it appears that after using Lightroom, LR wins with a point (of no return to Ap).

9:29 AM Dec 6th 2012

…And then there are days when I could sit and edit all day, miss meals, music becomes white noise, and I’m lost.

8:42 AM Dec 6th 2012

What a time-lapse! Madeira:[+]

8:32 PM Dec 5th 2012

★ What a wonderful web Jeff Veen weaves in his talk on How the Web Works: aneventapart…-works-video[+]

8:03 AM Dec 4th 2012

@anushayadav Google Art Project, old news?[+]
Found that to have a better interface. @beepso

7:17 AM Dec 4th 2012 in reply to anushayadav

@SudhanAtri Smaller indeed. Thanks! Looking for a 5DMII and some lenses. I’m no longer @Fine_Whining’s imaginary friend. :) @gonsalves_r

3:23 AM Dec 4th 2012 in reply to SudhanAtri

@_RohitNag I slept through it and woke up right in time for the ending of it.

6:00 PM Dec 3rd 2012 in reply to _RohitNag

Looking to hire a camera in Bombay city. Anyone know anyone who can help?

5:34 PM Dec 3rd 2012

Traffic makes enough time to listen to Eric Spiekermann on why numbers are bitches, accidental interventions & clients. observermedi…rmann/32368/[+]

11:47 AM Dec 3rd 2012

@garethhoover quite versed with that aren’t you?

8:17 PM Dec 2nd 2012 in reply to garethhoover

@rungta Also, annoying when in those cases where you don’t know which of your tabs is making that noise. Always a turn-off. @umadamle

12:32 PM Dec 1st 2012 in reply to rungta