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From the month of May, 2010.

A cottage by the sea. In rainy Ireland.

9:54 AM May 29th 2010

@rakeshrach And another jealous one here!

10:51 AM May 28th 2010

@rungta So have you terminated the data synthesis?

3:21 PM May 26th 2010

In Bangalore: 27ºC+ + A couple of months= Brown skin

In England: 27ºC + A couple of hours= Brown + sunburnt red skin

11:12 AM May 23rd 2010

@shikkha I’m still waiting for my mail. Entertain me.

11:08 AM May 23rd 2010

@5anket I suggest you look into the Lake & Peak districts. Yorkshire Dales if you want isolation. I can tell you about Ireland next week. :P

11:07 AM May 23rd 2010

More English countryside today.

9:16 AM May 22nd 2010

@rungta That A. bug sure is contagious. :)

9:07 PM May 21st 2010

It’s the weekend! There is time to escape from reality yet again.

5:06 PM May 21st 2010

This constant pushing of limits, to find new limits, is a drag.

2:02 PM May 21st 2010

Taking things to heart has choking qualities.

2:11 PM May 19th 2010

Music is one tongue which doesn’t make me feel like I’m on the wrong side of a language barrier.

3:43 PM May 17th 2010

Apps come with default features to draw your attention to it.We then need to learn to withdraw from it by default.#newgenerationdifficulties

11:46 PM May 13th 2010

Just noticed how Flickr has a Guest Pass to share photos with people who are not your ‘Flickr friends’.

3:36 PM May 10th 2010

“Half a second faster in the last lap, with the broken wing. I think we found the solution.”- Rob Smedley

12:47 PM May 9th 2010

“Up There: A documentary about the art of handpainted advertising murals.” (13 mins) (via @swissmiss)

2:51 PM May 5th 2010

@shikkha Yup. I was trying to use ‘history’ somehow, but you said it better.

6:48 PM May 4th 2010

Amn’t I lucky. My tweets are now archived as beautifully and easily as it can be. Thanks @rungta!

6:41 PM May 4th 2010

@shikkha Enjoy your holidays!

1:04 PM May 2nd 2010