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From the month of August, 2009.

The uncertainty drags. It kills the living. Now the sword of Damocles is killing me.

10:11 PM Aug 30th 2009

@menonanjali How about teaching Lakshmi as well??

4:24 PM Aug 30th 2009

It’s good to see almost every driver on the grid to get the limelight, in one way or another, this season.

2:06 PM Aug 30th 2009

Hold your breath! It begins…..

12:04 PM Aug 30th 2009

Must be losing my mind. Can’t believe I forgot to consider the existence of Sunday in the thought process. Hmm…

2:10 AM Aug 30th 2009

Paris, je t’aime. A series of 20 short episodes made into a movie. Still not sure what to make out of it. But was definitely one of a kind.

1:09 AM Aug 30th 2009

Pole for Fisi! Must be light on fuel. But shocking it is.

1:03 PM Aug 29th 2009

Damn this insomnia. Yet this awaken state won’t let the millions things that need to be done, done. Damn this insomnia.

12:58 AM Aug 28th 2009

Lol. RT - Public Display of Infection ? (via @rameshsrivats)

12:48 PM Aug 26th 2009

@menonanjali Yay! How was your journey? When do you start uni?

5:44 PM Aug 25th 2009

F1- More speculation. Who would move where?…e_a_sho.html[+]

2:06 AM Aug 25th 2009

Ice age 3- such a disappointment!!!

8:44 PM Aug 24th 2009

@shikkha Yeah, I think you need to find someone. If you change, it would distort the balance of negativity in the world. :P

5:14 PM Aug 24th 2009

@shikkha you’ll have to wait till DVD comes out. Someone spreading good might rip it. Else fly to US for a screening.

7:10 PM Aug 22nd 2009

This getting-up-early business- is just not good.

5:42 AM Aug 22nd 2009

Movies,audiobooks,actual books,music, CV,job, house-hunting,social life,other interesting stuff or sleep? Sophie has more than 2 choices! :(

12:51 AM Aug 22nd 2009

How difficult is it to work out several single conversations between four people. Head aches.

11:30 PM Aug 21st 2009

“We are what we frequently do”- Aristotle

10:21 AM Aug 20th 2009

The End. The End. The End.

3:25 PM Aug 18th 2009

In a musical trance. Can’t. get. out.

3:43 PM Aug 16th 2009

@rungta Awesome! Welcome back!

2:05 PM Aug 16th 2009

The (brilliant) customary Independence day design gets better every year at Rungta’s

10:27 AM Aug 15th 2009

How do professors still choose Comic Sans in 2009 to make official posters and presentations?

7:19 PM Aug 14th 2009

Need to either burst the bubble or expand the air in the bubble. Which one is it going to be?

12:52 AM Aug 13th 2009

@shikkha That’s funny!! Anything good he said?

4:08 PM Aug 10th 2009

@shikkha how did you meet this “guru”? and why were you talking to him?

3:56 PM Aug 10th 2009

I will never learn or I will never change.

7:10 PM Aug 8th 2009

The music is coming back.

10:52 AM Aug 6th 2009

It’s like watching a tennis game, but which is dizzying, silent and monotonous.

1:22 PM Aug 2nd 2009