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From the month of September, 2008.

@wateva @rungta Yeah really sad for Ferrari though.

2:24 PM Sep 28th 2008

That was an Awesome Awesome race!!

2:04 PM Sep 28th 2008

@rungta what are you doing now?

9:11 AM Sep 28th 2008

@rungta Ahh.. now no use.. Stay awake. What you doing??

8:33 PM Sep 24th 2008

@rungta btw, Happy your brother got the visa! Now we’ll have a Rungta in the UK! :)

8:31 PM Sep 24th 2008

@rungta still awake? I think you’d know my ans. Go sleep. Ooh but is this that attendance taking lecture??

8:30 PM Sep 24th 2008

“Windows has to shut down computer to prevent further damage” Class cant start till an expert comes to fix it.

1:15 PM Sep 22nd 2008

A little late elation moment was i realized that the one person i found and was following on del.ici.ous is a professor here at Leicester!

6:27 PM Sep 14th 2008

But most of all atm, elated to find the net working so smoothly! and all i needed was a cable :S

6:22 PM Sep 14th 2008

i’m quite excited now to start a NEW uni. as well as a bit scared. but quite glad.

6:21 PM Sep 14th 2008

@rungta thank you.. i’m here!

6:20 PM Sep 14th 2008

@rungta waste of time and you? I want more time to waste!! :(

3:32 PM Sep 10th 2008

I don’t want to go away from homeee!!! :’(:’(

1:39 PM Sep 9th 2008

@rungta and @wateva are we talking today?

4:03 PM Sep 5th 2008

@rungta why you awake at this hour? Which US open match is going on?

8:05 PM Sep 4th 2008

@rungta Ahh.. now i get it after re-reading it again.

2:48 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rungta Didn’t quite like the movie that much actually. At least not the story line.

2:47 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rungta what the hell does that mean??

10:31 AM Sep 2nd 2008

@varenya Happy Birthday! Hope you having a good one!

8:38 AM Sep 2nd 2008