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From the month of January, 2010.

@rungtaakki Saw it at a small art theatre, Cornerhouse, here in Manchester. They have 2 bollywood selections every month.

11:02 PM Jan 31st 2010

The Pool-one of the most realistically shot cinematography I’ve ever seen. Nice watch.[+]

7:17 PM Jan 31st 2010

Been 15 minutes, and you can already tell it’s an Australian Open final that you don’t want to miss.

8:57 AM Jan 31st 2010

Jason Reitman (and George Clooney) did it again for me.

9:36 PM Jan 29th 2010

Some I-don’t-knows need to be addressed. Like quickly.

10:55 PM Jan 28th 2010

Some nice picture(s)-of-the-day from in and around Bangalore.…/browser.php[+] [It’s a facebook album]

10:49 AM Jan 28th 2010

@shikkha News travels fast, with a bit of coincidence. And don’t know where the ‘ue’ at the end of dialogue went. :P

2:01 PM Jan 27th 2010

@shikkha Why you off to Hubli? Some development dialog thing?

7:07 PM Jan 26th 2010

Officially a graduate again.

11:38 AM Jan 22nd 2010

WTF! RT @htTweets On her 54th birthday, Mayawati has been gifted a three-acre plot - on moon! hindustantim…-498133.aspx[+]

11:33 AM Jan 16th 2010

After an hour of playing with it, I’ve come to the conclusion that analogue SLRs are just baffling, even without film inside it.

10:50 PM Jan 14th 2010

@shikkha Who was ill-treating you?

5:41 PM Jan 14th 2010

@rungtaakki Oh nice! with whom? Good luck!!

11:02 PM Jan 12th 2010

@rungta The MoSoTer was a bit slow this time, but succeeded. Did you get the song?

10:55 PM Jan 12th 2010

Four more days to go for daddy dearest to land in the UK. Much joy

10:43 AM Jan 12th 2010

There it comes… First nightmare confirmation. The first train is delayed!!

9:33 AM Jan 11th 2010

@rungta Happy Birthday!!!!

1:01 PM Jan 7th 2010

Have you seen so much snow on a tree before?[+]

9:46 AM Jan 5th 2010

@rakeshrach The breathing under water album sure keeps you wanting to play it on a loop. Beautiful fusion melody. Thanks for mentioning it.

11:33 PM Jan 4th 2010

@rungta and you’ll be back soon too. Not to fret. Have a safe journey.

and I thought you’re leaving tomorrow.

3:30 PM Jan 4th 2010

After her 2002 album, this is the first one that’s caught my attention. The Fall by Norah Jones is quite a pleasant listen.

1:10 PM Jan 3rd 2010

Possibly going through a preview of the empty nest syndrome.

2:28 PM Jan 2nd 2010

@rungtaakki glad you had fun! :)

2:27 PM Jan 2nd 2010

@rungta that’s a perfectly timed vacation.

8:34 AM Jan 2nd 2010