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From the month of November, 2009.

There’s something astonishing in the fact that you can pick up a conversation with a friend that you left off almost a year ago.

11:45 PM Nov 29th 2009

@shikkha How was the play?

3:03 PM Nov 29th 2009

Which Main? What Cross? Memory Lane? A Bangalore Street Photoblog.

12:36 PM Nov 26th 2009

On the path to getting the right tools. Now this is what I call music!! (BOSE) ☊ Incredible high

10:52 AM Nov 25th 2009

Socialising attributes drained after another one year old party.

5:18 PM Nov 22nd 2009

When a computer can’t fall asleep, it wakes you up for company… That’s technology for you.

4:08 AM Nov 22nd 2009

@rungtaakki What had to end up like what??

7:59 PM Nov 19th 2009

Domino’s Pizza India rechristened Jubilant Foodworks LTD hindustantim…-477756.aspx[+] (via @htTweets)

3:58 PM Nov 18th 2009

@sumitsharan It would, if it were only true.

12:59 PM Nov 18th 2009

Kimi to take sabbatical. As predicted I suppose.

12:12 AM Nov 18th 2009

Time to start the B’s! Finally.

8:04 PM Nov 17th 2009

@wateva congratulations! :)

10:52 PM Nov 16th 2009

Top Gear is Baaack! [And finally a guest appearance from the elusive Dacia Sandero. :P]

10:07 PM Nov 15th 2009

An unknown obsession sprawled onto my desk without my knowing. A total of 15 objects dressed in the combination of silver and black.

2:31 PM Nov 12th 2009

@rungta If you’re in the mood and have no expectations, you could give it a try. I probably expected more from the slapstick.

11:06 AM Nov 12th 2009

If slapstick had levels, i’d have to place #APKGK right at the bottom.

10:26 PM Nov 11th 2009

RT @htTweets Renault-Nissan combine and Bajaj Auto will roll out an ultra low-cost car in 2012 to cost less than Nano hindustantim…-475056.aspx[+]

10:57 PM Nov 10th 2009

@rungtaakki It always did. But you have to keep an eye out for it.

2:48 PM Nov 8th 2009

Threatened Voices tracks arrests and threats against bloggers worldwide[+]

3:37 AM Nov 8th 2009

Having an anal introverted orientation sure has its downs. No surprises. The success in failing-to-learn from the repetitions is surprising.

3:32 AM Nov 8th 2009

@wateva Have you seen a peacock ****** before?…s_volans.htm[+]

3:51 PM Nov 6th 2009

♬ Stop Coming to my House- Mogwai

6:22 PM Nov 3rd 2009

@rungta Having a job I like. Not having a job I like. Transitioning between the two I hate.

10:21 PM Nov 2nd 2009

Just another day at the Office.…0525,00.html[+]

10:19 PM Nov 2nd 2009

The Apple of my eye is back home!! :D Oh the joy! And it’s grown! How I missed you all dear apps.

9:26 PM Nov 2nd 2009

And so it ends… What a year!! Sigh

2:44 PM Nov 1st 2009