Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of September, 2010.

Back to the old trusted iBook for the next week.

10:16 AM Sep 30th 2010

That Game Centre friend request announcement sound was so unexpected, it made me jump in my sleep.

11:38 AM Sep 29th 2010

@rungta @5anket Mine just got booked as well. :)

9:33 AM Sep 28th 2010

@rungta Now that we know this works, when I’m on the other-side, need to get @rungtaakki or @wateva to do this next race onwards.

12:26 PM Sep 26th 2010

Dear September, what happened to fall? Why is winter here?

12:55 AM Sep 26th 2010

Eat Pray Love: Expected mediocrity, turned out to be avoidable.

12:49 AM Sep 26th 2010

Sleepless mornings, at friends apartments, are why I’m glad to have an iPhone with 3G connectivity.

4:13 AM Sep 23rd 2010

BBC news: CWG budget and the unliveable conditions.

Followed by, stats of the no. of children dying each day due to unliveable conditions.

6:02 AM Sep 22nd 2010

Sev puri, dahi puri and bhel puri for dinner and lunch at home. And I haven’t even left for India yet.

2:29 PM Sep 19th 2010

@rakeshrach Thank you. And yes, we should definitely meet up the next time you’re down. :)

1:47 AM Sep 16th 2010

@rakeshrach Yup, looks like it. That’s the intention at least. It’s time for a change.

11:55 PM Sep 15th 2010

Loving the cover design of this magazine.

10:31 PM Sep 15th 2010

Exactly a year ago on this very date & time was I unpacking in this very room, and funnily now, one year ahead, it’s time to pack it all up.

9:21 PM Sep 15th 2010

“You haven’t seen enough movies. All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” - Steve Martin

12:18 PM Sep 15th 2010

@rungta That’s a good three days. :)

6:19 PM Sep 14th 2010

Finding myself extremely restless. I seemed to have opened about 15-20 tabs within ten minutes. Not good.

3:16 PM Sep 12th 2010

Ideas are undoubtedly worth sharing & it’s sometimes nice knowing you don’t need to know all the words. layertennis….00910/02.php[+]

6:33 PM Sep 10th 2010

@rungta I was just about to tweet that!

6:23 PM Sep 10th 2010

@Fine_Whining But I wasn’t trying to be morbid. I meant it in the nicest way.

8:31 AM Sep 9th 2010

“Assume you’ve been given one exclamation point in your life. Use it wisely.”

2:13 AM Sep 9th 2010

I want to be transported here.[+]

1:44 AM Sep 9th 2010

One month down of being in PJs, another month to go.

Being in a social experiment would have been more useful, for someone.

3:52 PM Sep 8th 2010

Sugata Mitra: The child-driven education:[+]

10:30 PM Sep 7th 2010

Got to find an alternative Twitter client for the Mac if Tweetie doesn’t show up with an update soon.

I hate compromising with new clients.

9:19 PM Sep 6th 2010

@rungtaakki Maybe he fancied being a tapori (tap+ chori)? :)

3:49 PM Sep 3rd 2010

@sumitsharan Absolutely. In addition, walking around on the city streets is an enchanting experience of massive architecture and greenery.

8:57 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Lastly, if you’re to visit Edinburgh, do explore the city by walking around. By far the best walk-in-a-city experience I’ve had in the UK.

8:41 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Want to know if Newcastle, Edinburgh; Edinburgh, Newcastle; Newcastle, Manchester can all be done in one day?

It can be done.

8:35 PM Sep 2nd 2010

All this galavanting across the country on its motorways has taken its toll, payed with a Euro trip (that won’t happen).

8:34 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Knowing what you want is liberating.

3:29 PM Sep 2nd 2010

Stepping out of my comfort zone by doing things uncharacteristic of my inherent self, doesn’t comfort me. Nor is it worth the effort.

12:00 AM Sep 2nd 2010

@souvikdg Music x (Twitter+ Facebook)= Ping

5:46 PM Sep 1st 2010