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From the month of July, 2008.

@rungta haha thankfully nothin friendly.But add in spiderman, organising an event 100ft below the earth,terrorists & you’ll get the dream.

4:11 PM Jul 30th 2008

WHAT a DREAM!! Haven’t had such a vivid one in ages!

4:29 AM Jul 30th 2008

@rungta did you discover that Nag joined Muxtape? :P or was it something else about Muxtape?

3:56 PM Jul 28th 2008

I’m coming online now people. Just stepped in. Fixing the net now.

1:35 PM Jul 27th 2008

@rungta do you have work today? will we be talking today?

4:49 AM Jul 26th 2008

@rungta yeah luckily i didn’t go out to that part of town today. and everyone i know are safe at home. pretty shocking stuff.

2:29 PM Jul 25th 2008

@rungta how was it meeting varenya? is he living in melbourne?

2:21 PM Jul 25th 2008

Well i’m connected to the net and twitter now. So hope to talk to you guys soon.

6:30 PM Jul 19th 2008

@wateva Yeah.Want to make the most of the next 2 months. Well hope you doing good. Enjoy gyming.

6:27 PM Jul 19th 2008

What are you guys doing?

6:18 PM Jul 19th 2008

I’m home!! That means back to power cuts, food, friends, the pollution and well seems like i never left.

6:09 PM Jul 19th 2008

I’m so going to miss Essex!

5:27 AM Jul 17th 2008

@wateva lol..If you used the dict. Then you could save that. Didn’t know how twitter worked using the phone, when i created it, did i?

11:21 PM Jul 10th 2008

@wateva busy one.. Did you get net at home?

7:47 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta But freakin out.Trust me,thats what i’m feelin most now after visitin leicester.I think i need to start studyin soon.But Can’t w …

7:44 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta fun.. Ya kinda. Went to an amusement park wit dad today. And he came on all the rides :-P

7:41 PM Jul 10th 2008

Also love reading maps!

5:59 PM Jul 10th 2008

I like how all these roads and motorways are connected here!

5:58 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta Awesome!! Congratulations!! :-)

10:20 AM Jul 10th 2008

Awesome!! Congratulations!! :-)

10:20 AM Jul 10th 2008

Okay. Just made my firm decision. Going to leicester. Liked the uni too.

4:48 PM Jul 9th 2008

Hate it… Hate it!!

2:47 PM Jul 9th 2008

Blast this rainy day…

2:38 PM Jul 9th 2008

@rungta oh.. ;-( got to watch the replay later.

3:17 PM Jul 6th 2008

Missing the match. But the O2 arena looks awesome. Going to see the egyptian exhibition next.

2:42 PM Jul 6th 2008

@rungta i’m glad for the rain in london for the match. Out at london eye now. Should make it back in time for the match.

12:56 PM Jul 6th 2008

@rungta yup having mcdonalds at victoria station. :-)

2:20 PM Jul 5th 2008

@rungta ya looking forward to see that movie. Read the reviews yest.

2:17 PM Jul 5th 2008

Heathrow baby!!

12:17 PM Jul 5th 2008

@rungta very nice! I don’t know if it was there before, but i like that it remembers what zoom i had viewed it last.

11:28 AM Jul 4th 2008

@rungta are you free today?

1:31 PM Jul 3rd 2008