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From the month of November, 2010.

Listening to The Canyon from the 127 Hours soundtrack and wishing more than ever that I was free somewhere in the wild right now.

11:32 AM Nov 29th 2010

@Fine_Whining Buy it soon then, so I can borrow it.

7:06 AM Nov 29th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

@Fine_Whining If I find myself a job in less than two months, then I will. So don’t keep your hopes high.

6:08 AM Nov 29th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

Been so difficult to take sides in this Nadal-Murray match. Wonderful win for Nadal though.

5:29 PM Nov 27th 2010

@menonanjali From ampersands to Manga. At least this is prettier. :P

12:03 PM Nov 27th 2010 in reply to menonanjali

@sumitsharan The video: Lost Generation.[+] (via the comments)

6:59 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

@5anket Ah, no surprise there then. :-)

5:04 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to 5anket

@5anket Hahaha! I can imagine. But you wouldn’t let them study? That I’m surprised.

4:58 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to 5anket

@rungta Nice. Making good use of your looks eh? :)

4:49 PM Nov 23rd 2010 in reply to rungta

A frank salesman on branding advice to us: Sony used to use the tagline ‘Like No Other’ now it’s ‘Make(.)Believe’. Food for thought there.

2:23 PM Nov 23rd 2010

@sumitsharan And if you found him in the first place you looked, you must have been feeling lucky. :)

3:09 PM Nov 22nd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

Sunday occupations with the new number 15:[+]

5:23 AM Nov 21st 2010

Twitters bird’s grown bigger wings, which has been eye catching, and that’s annoying. Much like adolescence.

2:53 AM Nov 19th 2010

Currently wondering if the unconscious calculates the time it has before the alarm and saves the unknown bits of the dream to end then. Hmm.

4:31 AM Nov 18th 2010

A neat travel video, shot with a Lumix GF1: jessicahisch…tting/?p=762[+]

7:13 PM Nov 14th 2010

Nervous. Excited. Completely Hopeful.

12:35 PM Nov 14th 2010

There’s a link to ‘See Friendship’ on Facebook. Really?[+]

2:09 PM Nov 10th 2010

Music waves carry renewable energy.

5:46 AM Nov 9th 2010

@Fine_Whining Yes! You leaving me behind for one.

Come back soon. You be our sunshine. See Bangalore has been crying all day.

1:03 PM Nov 7th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

I’ve had to put the @ylnt podcast on pause to save myself a little dignity, if I can call it that and if any now, while travelling in a bus.

1:30 PM Nov 6th 2010

Two words why I’m going to hit ‘Read Later’ more often to read on the iPhone: tilt scrolling. Where had I been?

2:15 PM Nov 4th 2010

Chance favours the connective mind (also, lovely doodling):

5:03 AM Nov 4th 2010

It’s one of those record wining nights for WireTap Pro.

8:25 PM Nov 3rd 2010

@wateva That’s like the third one in less than 2 months. What’s happening down there?

5:57 PM Nov 3rd 2010 in reply to wateva

@sumitsharan If that happened, they’d probably re-direct to this: yetanotherus…[+]

11:27 AM Nov 2nd 2010 in reply to lokallobaat

When in Pondicherry, find accommodation at the Satsanga (thanks @Fine_Whining), dine at the Lighthouse and wake up in time for a sunrise.

9:14 AM Nov 2nd 2010

@sumitsharan So does Chennai Central railway station.

11:45 AM Nov 1st 2010 in reply to lokallobaat