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From the month of September, 2009.

Surprisingly nice to be able to attend lab meetings again.

9:20 AM Sep 29th 2009

Stepping into a music/movie store is just not a good idea whether you have the money or not!

5:41 PM Sep 28th 2009

@rungtaakki “pics to tease bhaiya”- Interesting.

3:01 PM Sep 27th 2009

This should not be how they fight! (Time Photos)…0074,00.html[+]

5:00 PM Sep 21st 2009

You can’t go to the biryani, get the biryani made for you!

12:54 PM Sep 21st 2009

@wateva Oh cool. Played around in iPhoto yet?

12:23 PM Sep 21st 2009

@rungta Haha, probably. We didn’t want it to be left out in the cold. :P

11:41 AM Sep 21st 2009

Despite all that maths that I don’t understand, I’m happy with the visible ~12 GB increase in diskspace Snow Leopard has made available.

11:25 AM Sep 21st 2009

@rungta Yes, that bad. But the consequence was bad on my wallet. I ended up spending around >>50 patronizing other movies and musi …

4:06 PM Sep 19th 2009

Walked out of ‘wanted’ (the hindi one) midway and heading to the apple store!

2:55 PM Sep 19th 2009

“We are here on earth to help others, what the others are here for I have no idea” W.H. Auden

3:16 PM Sep 17th 2009

“I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure it’s not in order to enjoy ourselves” Ludwig Wittgenstein

3:15 PM Sep 17th 2009

Another example of bad media counteracting good media in India. indiauncut.c…ass-country/[+]

2:26 PM Sep 17th 2009

@shikkha Don’t kill me when I do. But prawns will have to wait for me. Don’t find new friends… I’ll come, but some time I need…

10:51 PM Sep 15th 2009

Who knew that the train on friday was taking me to my new home. Unpacking in Manchester now!

3:37 PM Sep 15th 2009

@Rungta awesome!! Well done!

3:34 PM Sep 15th 2009

@rungta Good luck and finish off with it quickly now!

10:02 AM Sep 15th 2009

Been a day, but still revelling in the mindblowing awesomeness of yesterdays Coldplay concert!! Just unbelieveably awesome preformances.

8:15 PM Sep 13th 2009

Jay z on the floor next!!

5:46 PM Sep 12th 2009

Goodbye student accommodation.

8:23 AM Sep 12th 2009

“It isn’t a secret, unless keeping it hurts.”- Karla, Shantharam.

10:35 PM Sep 8th 2009

Going in circles. Every where. Every time. Back to the point that started it all.

8:22 PM Sep 8th 2009

… because we don’t want unlucky people working for us.”

8:39 PM Sep 7th 2009

Randomly found this comment. “When we’re hiring, we put all the resumes in a pile and then immediately throw half of them out.. [cont.]

8:39 PM Sep 7th 2009

Interesting. Leicester is bigger than I thought.

8:29 PM Sep 6th 2009

@rungta ooo! That sounds awesome!

11:43 AM Sep 5th 2009

@rungta Finally! So where did the road lead to?

9:28 AM Sep 5th 2009

@menonanjali So which match did you go for?

12:08 AM Sep 5th 2009

Been a while since I’ve done this. Off to attend a 1 year olds birthday party!

2:10 PM Sep 4th 2009

@rungta Did anyone else figure it out?

11:37 AM Sep 4th 2009

Murphy was proved right yet again. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

10:03 AM Sep 2nd 2009

@rungta Good one(s). :P Right now it’s the devil that taunts.

8:40 AM Sep 2nd 2009

It’s so easy to justify needs putting things in the perspective of living in this infinitesimal earth and looking at the big picture of life

2:17 AM Sep 2nd 2009