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From the month of June, 2012.

If you want to do one good act in a day, while you drive, stop and let the struggling pedestrian cross the road.

5:25 PM Jun 30th 2012

@keeperofthekeys Paphy Dirthbay Dhini Vastavasri! :) Have an fun day!

9:04 AM Jun 11th 2012

@LakshmiAMenon You should know by now not to trust IMDB’s rating. Read the reviews on it? See it if you must for the story, terribly told.

8:22 AM Jun 11th 2012 in reply to LakshmiAMenon

@keeperofthekeys Yes, its the Café Terrace at Night. It’s going to be a few tedious weeks I’d think. Looking forward to it. :-)

4:01 PM Jun 10th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Prometheus is missable. Re-watch those old movies on your computer instead for a better experience.

11:47 AM Jun 10th 2012

@rungta Yup. Was weighing it out between Deool (on @lokallobaat’s review) & this. The former momentarily won.The latter might follow soon.:P

5:44 PM Jun 5th 2012 in reply to rungta

@rungta How was it? Was thinking of buying it yesterday.

3:05 PM Jun 5th 2012 in reply to rungta

This has been such a time saver, a kind of virtual pensive even. Yet again, thanks for creating notsoyellow…[+] @rungta

4:45 PM Jun 4th 2012

Finally watched ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’. What a refreshing change it was. Simple storytelling, acting & sets made it such a joy to watch.

3:17 PM Jun 3rd 2012

“Birthday’s mean good food. I’m always happy on my birthday”#fatmansays

Have a happy one @souvikdg!

4:06 AM Jun 2nd 2012

“Sometimes knowing what you want doesn’t mean you know how to make it happen or how to communicate it to an audience.” online.wsj.c…xzz1wbZACZbI[+]

3:59 AM Jun 2nd 2012