Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of May, 2009.

This f***ing to-do list never stops!!

9:58 AM May 30th 2009

@rungta Wish you luck! Looks like you need it. Don’t panic, you always find a way out of these situations.

8:21 AM May 27th 2009

Feels nice to be woken up by an old friend.

8:13 AM May 27th 2009

@shikkha You paradoxical kid!

7:00 PM May 25th 2009

@shikkha How’d you find The Tin Drum? You haven’t done a book review sorts on you blog in sometime…

10:32 AM May 23rd 2009

Not sure what their point is [yet], but quite immaginative.

2:19 PM May 20th 2009

Ask and you shall receive!

2:01 PM May 20th 2009

Twitter is becoming a real-time public photo-micro-blog, which is quite cool.

8:27 AM May 20th 2009

@shikkha Well I said that was just on top of my head then. Also said at least. If I let myself go, I can go on… trust me.

3:20 PM May 19th 2009

@shikkha I can think of at least ten different sentences, on top of my head now, that can continue from those two words.

2:46 PM May 19th 2009

Timemachine- Functioning; Spaces- Check and clear; workstation complete and now….. still waiting for the words to flow….

12:19 PM May 17th 2009

We finally get to know the janitors name!

11:35 AM May 15th 2009

Since when did just ‘t’ mean ‘the’ in sms language??

6:27 PM May 14th 2009

@shikkha Don’t give up. It’ll come. It always does.

5:14 PM May 13th 2009

Now i’m officially pissed off.

12:57 PM May 12th 2009

♬- Both Sides Now- Joni Mitchell …. I really don’t know life at all…

6:36 PM May 11th 2009

James May’s review of the worlds funny supercar. Like his humor.…0-2009-04-20[+]

8:53 AM May 10th 2009

Ignorance is bliss. But is it worth not knowing whats out there? Desolation prevails.

10:13 AM May 9th 2009

@shikkha Why this will always happen to you?

5:28 PM May 8th 2009

je ne comprends pas!!

12:50 PM May 8th 2009

A 12 hr day in the lab was not what i expected today!

7:57 PM May 6th 2009

I wonder when this educational ideology will be implemented in our schools. hindustantim…-403202.aspx[+]

12:48 PM May 3rd 2009