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From the month of January, 2009.

My resistance to alcohol seems to be lessening or it was really a good amount of alcohol.

12:19 AM Jan 26th 2009

The Hatch is back- wait or is it not? LOST beginning to make some sense but in the LOST style!

3:16 PM Jan 25th 2009

Dreams and me certainly have a weird connection…

10:55 AM Jan 25th 2009

The president is coming- was good- an ea-sy going , light hearted comedy.

9:32 PM Jan 24th 2009

I really liked ‘The Reader’. Good adaptation. Both, Kate Winslet (deservedly to win the GG) and Fiennes, preformances were really good.

11:23 PM Jan 15th 2009

I miss the sunshine of Bangalore.

10:09 PM Jan 11th 2009

Becoming obsessed with album artworks

12:41 AM Jan 10th 2009

Slumdog millionaire…Shot well, theme and portrayal of Mumbai and bringing it to a western audience were things to appreciate.

12:22 AM Jan 10th 2009

@rungta Happy Birthday!! (UK time :P) Have a good day!

12:04 AM Jan 8th 2009

I HATE M$ office! Ruined 2 more hours of my life!

11:18 PM Jan 5th 2009

Synergy is actually a nice app/tool.

5:53 PM Jan 5th 2009

I finally am high…. so that i can sleep in peace….

3:04 AM Jan 3rd 2009