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From the month of December, 2010.

At work, neighbouring researchers tomato seeds disappeared overnight.
How you ask? ‘Cause thats when the lab rats get to work.

4:50 AM Dec 30th 2010

“No Culture Can Live if it Attempts to be Exclusive” randomspecif…the-new-year[+]

5:24 PM Dec 29th 2010

@rungtaakki The geo tagging seems to think you’re in Dubai.

1:10 PM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungtaakki

@rungta Nice work! Very quick and smooth.

1:06 PM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

@rungta If only that was the lone exception that was inexcusable. Sigh.

11:26 AM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

@rungta You can say that again. You’d think universities with research labs would. Apparently not.

8:38 AM Dec 29th 2010 in reply to rungta

What I increasingly seem to want: An app on the Mac that acts like a Bulletin Board, to pin up screenshots and post-it notes.

1:38 AM Dec 29th 2010

So I’ve moved from plants to fruit flies, down to yeast and bacteria and now it time to study mangoes and pomegranates. #guessmyoccupation

11:02 AM Dec 28th 2010

The learning curve is an uphill slope.

7:05 AM Dec 19th 2010

So yeah, went karting in the middle of the night by the airport. Three recovered spins and no hits to the tire walls. Yay! #Hyderabad

7:45 PM Dec 12th 2010

Very impressed with Hyderabad’s expressway to the airport. #nightdrive

5:32 PM Dec 12th 2010

Let the walk begin.

12:42 AM Dec 10th 2010

@Fine_Whining That’s cause this is basically a free holiday. You want to fund my tickets to Mumbai in December?

5:43 AM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

@rakeshrach Am sure. Weather is currently exceptional due to a post-depression in the Bay of Bengal. So far loving my (first) visit here.

5:41 AM Dec 9th 2010 in reply to rakeshrach

Hyderabad traffic, not so much different from Bangalore’s.

Weather, pleasant too.

4:24 AM Dec 9th 2010

Secunderabad bound.

5:34 PM Dec 8th 2010

IF Amit Trivedi’s ‘No One Killed Jessica’ is an instant fav, THEN the loop doesn’t end.

7:56 AM Dec 8th 2010

Watched the late Irvin Kershner’s 1977 Raid on Entebbe. The old soul in me appreciated it all- the story re-told, the acting, the history.

6:25 PM Dec 7th 2010

@pricelessjunk You should be able to find something tasteful from the @ohnoir twitter stream.

1:04 PM Dec 7th 2010 in reply to pricelessjunk

If this is the interface of Reeder for Mac, I’ll have it thanks.

7:47 AM Dec 4th 2010

Making a weakness worthwhile is strength.

6:37 PM Dec 3rd 2010

@Fine_Whining Oh mother is also not there. Ask your dad to get it for you.

2:44 PM Dec 3rd 2010 in reply to Fine_Whining

I not only want to favourite every picture in this set, I want to live it, someday:…/5214456135/[+]

7:07 AM Dec 3rd 2010

Bangalore peeps: Anyone know of a good place for VHS to digital media conversion?

8:24 AM Dec 2nd 2010

@sheriesm Crack open the egg twittle one. :)

8:16 AM Dec 1st 2010