Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of April, 2010.

I’m assured more now that my destination today is Newcastle. Why else would travelling hitches occur? ;-)

8:25 AM Apr 29th 2010

@xAbhishek Haha… Point taken. Just trying to keep things short and simple for now. :)

11:41 PM Apr 26th 2010

I’m sometimes preoccupied in limiting my thoughts to 140 characters.

8:03 AM Apr 26th 2010

@wateva I wake up knowing I’ve left some yeast growing way too long than I should have… and other stories. Wish I could go back to sleep. :(

7:55 AM Apr 26th 2010

The day hasn’t even started and it already feels doomed. #science #fail

7:44 AM Apr 26th 2010

@5anket Oh freak. That doesn’t sound good. Put some ice on it… and retire. :)

10:25 PM Apr 25th 2010

@5anket An injury? What happened?

10:06 PM Apr 25th 2010

@rakeshrach So true! Multilayered, that’s the word.

12:48 AM Apr 24th 2010

No points for guessing what’s playing in my iTunes now!

10:50 PM Apr 23rd 2010

@rungta Another step is just by listening to Yuva’s OSTs.

8:09 PM Apr 23rd 2010

Wish I were an Ostrich, in a cartoon world, right now.

10:39 AM Apr 20th 2010

Volcano ash from Iceland affecting flights in England.[+]

12:31 PM Apr 15th 2010

Pacman vs. applications. Another battle that shouldn’t have started.

12:25 PM Apr 15th 2010

So many movies, so little time.

11:01 AM Apr 10th 2010

@rungta Oh wow, that’s freaky!

9:23 AM Apr 10th 2010

They wanted a mixing of the grid and that’s what we got.

9:21 AM Apr 3rd 2010

‘Home Improvement’ back on tv. Nostalgia sweeping. Makes me smile.

10:49 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha Presentation for lab meeting. Don’t like presentations at all.

10:41 AM Apr 2nd 2010

The ease with which I get through the numerous tabs (that’s been open for days), while procrastinating, shall be my achievement for today.

9:22 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha Brilliant! Anywhere NE will surely be good.

7:52 AM Apr 2nd 2010

@shikkha I’m so proud of you! Off to anywhere soon??

9:00 PM Apr 1st 2010