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From the month of September, 2012.

Oh such a beautiful wedding trailer this is, of @jessicahische and @StrangeNative: belvederesto…m/jess-russ/[+]

Love it.

9:27 AM Sep 30th 2012

@Fine_Whining I’ve taken the risk, but the fear remains, that I might jinx it, so sush.

So yeah, I’ll let you know about the unicorn.

4:15 PM Sep 29th 2012 in reply to Fine_Whining

Considerate clients are the best.

3:08 PM Sep 29th 2012

50 of the many for this years National Geographic Photo Contest: theatlantic….2012/100373/[+]

6:29 PM Sep 26th 2012

Ah, elusive storm, you have been missed.


6:18 PM Sep 26th 2012

The abridged version of Moonrise Kingdom has been watched, with cropped heads & titles. @INOXLEISURE disappoints too:…ils&tw_p=twt[+]

2:47 PM Sep 25th 2012

When you spend the day looking at the world in primary colours, you know you’ve seen a Wes Anderson movie.

2:46 PM Sep 25th 2012

@advaitamusic Awesome! Look forward to it. Also, Happy Birthday!

7:05 PM Sep 23rd 2012 in reply to advaitamusic

@advaitamusic You guys have got to come celebrate with us in Bangalore too!

Any gigs scheduled for here?

6:58 PM Sep 23rd 2012

Guess those rumours are going to come true. The future of Hamilton in McLaren looks bleak. Sigh. #F1

12:54 PM Sep 23rd 2012

“Be willing to take some major drastic action to get you out of your comfort zone and go inside, not outside.”

8:32 AM Sep 18th 2012

Lunch done.
55 minutes.
No one has arrived.

8:53 AM Sep 15th 2012

What’s worse than waiting for people to turn up, is people cancelling half an hour into the wait and a waiter asking if I’m doing ok.

8:49 AM Sep 15th 2012

@gonsalves_r Was thinking the very same, and then saw this tweet. 20 minutes down… And still waiting.

8:18 AM Sep 15th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@RohithNair Heard that you won’t be hearing of that for too long anyway. Papers in is it? (via @LakshmiAMenon) :)

8:48 AM Sep 11th 2012 in reply to RohithNair

“Think about how you’re going to manage your tires. Fernando is behind you.”

Why does that familiar? Ha! #F1

1:00 PM Sep 9th 2012

@_RohitNag of course! That’s always fun.

7:33 PM Sep 8th 2012 in reply to _RohitNag

Sort of Revolution- Fink, getting ingrained.

This is therapy.

1:45 PM Sep 4th 2012

@shalynee Posting out of Hyderabad? A few of us around. :)

10:56 AM Sep 4th 2012 in reply to shalynee

@rungta Yeah. Sadly, it’s not ready for the RETINAGOODNESS(GRACIOUSME).

8:30 PM Sep 3rd 2012 in reply to rungta

Guess who’s using her laptop sleeve FINALLY? :D

Another :D for obvious emphasis.


2:45 PM Sep 3rd 2012

“I had to leave to find myself” -Mona Kuhn, upon return to her homeland.

9:19 PM Sep 2nd 2012