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From the month of October, 2009.

Have two hours, and I can’t decide if ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ is worth the watch…?

6:24 PM Oct 29th 2009

@wateva I know, and am looking forward to it. Saw like a trailer for the episodes a couple of months ago and found it quite cool.

11:32 AM Oct 29th 2009

@wateva Oh cool. I’ve been meaning to watch it. Want to see his Lego one.

11:24 AM Oct 29th 2009

@shikkha I think with the TV out you’re getting your refund in alternative payment.

11:29 PM Oct 24th 2009

If frustration needed a day for the renewal of its vows, it can have my day today.

6:31 PM Oct 23rd 2009

@xAbhishek Sadly no. Old broken one. Data backup for reinstallation was killing (or so I thought). Installation also doesn’t appear good.

1:07 PM Oct 23rd 2009

Note to self: Always check if your black jeans will leach out its colour before you put it into the washing machine and soots the others.

1:00 PM Oct 23rd 2009

Going through the “My precious, My precious” phase. Blah. Finish already.

9:34 PM Oct 22nd 2009

@rungtaakki what else… ? :-P what happened to no imac’s just cinema displays?? ;)

8:32 PM Oct 22nd 2009

@rungtaakki what wishes we have… I was just wishing someone would backup my harddisk and give it back to me.

6:16 PM Oct 22nd 2009

Feels so lost with a dead iMac…;-(

1:39 PM Oct 18th 2009

@wateva Yeah I think they might have had some inspiration from (500) Days of Summer.Atleast there was a similar scene with that background.

7:41 PM Oct 13th 2009

Sita sure knows how to sing the blues. It was brilliant. Thanks for the recommendation @shikkha

7:33 PM Oct 13th 2009

@wateva That was the exact same background I had for the past weeks or so. I just changed mine 2 days ago.

7:32 PM Oct 13th 2009

Disappointed to know there is no screening of ‘New York, I Love You’ in the UK.

10:29 AM Oct 13th 2009

@rungta Sucks doesn’t it. Knowing that you have to get up on time unwillingly makes you oppose this weekly timetable we’ve invented.

10:42 PM Oct 11th 2009

@xAbhishek I have to agree to that. (ref. Wake up Sid)

6:04 PM Oct 11th 2009

@shikkha Haha!! Your mom is so ____! :)

12:53 PM Oct 10th 2009

Adding to the Obama peace-ness argument.…5499,00.html[+]

9:23 AM Oct 10th 2009

Rungtas contribution on the Finer Things in Mac Also a website that calls for an “Instant bookmark”.

3:37 PM Oct 7th 2009

Wish beach balls would stop trying to hypnotise me. fuming considerably

4:00 PM Oct 4th 2009