Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

The 2008 collection.

Happy New Year you guys!

4:27 PM Dec 31st 2008

Lost In translation- quite a nice movie. Esp. since it had people who couldn’t sleep.

7:32 AM Dec 29th 2008

@wateva Bon voyage Mr. Nag!

4:10 PM Dec 20th 2008

Rab ne bana di jodi: Well if you have three hours to spare, watchable once. Go in with a bollywood sense of humor.

12:51 AM Dec 19th 2008

A.R.Rahman day! All awesome music from Yuvvraaj (re-listening), Slumdog Millionaire (was too tempting) and the song Guzarish.

12:18 AM Dec 10th 2008

Today has definitely started out to be one of those days with small connections to the old days…

12:05 PM Dec 8th 2008

Got tickets for coldplay for 3 excited people!

4:33 PM Dec 4th 2008

@rungta well then you did your part to help in the scaling.. :)

11:21 AM Nov 27th 2008

@rungta how do you do such things!? baffled Congratulations!! :)

11:13 AM Nov 27th 2008

Not a good wednesday in Bombay. What the hell is happening!? things are getting so inhumane!

7:52 PM Nov 26th 2008

@wateva just watched that japanese top gear episode where the train splits… hilarious!

3:36 PM Nov 23rd 2008

‘Au revoir les enfants’- a nice and simple movie.

1:41 AM Nov 23rd 2008

@rungta i’d rather battle them on the tennis court than having to figure out why they might get patchy coloured eyes!

11:13 PM Nov 12th 2008

Fact of the day- fruitflies… not really that interesting! banging my head aganist a wall

10:58 PM Nov 12th 2008

@rungta enjoy the freedom!

8:48 AM Nov 11th 2008

@rungta !!! what!? how did that happen…?

7:57 AM Nov 10th 2008

@rungta good luck for tomo’s exam! hope it goes well!

4:42 PM Nov 5th 2008

:( slightly scratched dvds don’t play on an iMac without a loud annoying noise….

4:41 PM Nov 5th 2008

@rungta that’s bad. Massa is just the best…

7:07 PM Nov 2nd 2008

Oh.. what an end… !!

6:55 PM Nov 2nd 2008

@wateva i love your sentences Nag :)

5:57 PM Nov 1st 2008

@wateva i don’t know.. are you ready to talk?

10:30 AM Nov 1st 2008

@rungta that IS a rare sight indeed.. lol

2:08 PM Oct 31st 2008

The reason why my next assignment will take more time to complete- I’m in love…..

7:27 AM Oct 30th 2008

IT’S HERE!! IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D

9:12 AM Oct 29th 2008

@rungta Haha.. Good one!

8:21 AM Oct 29th 2008

“Current Delivery Status: Out for Delivery”….. :)

8:13 AM Oct 29th 2008

Happy Diwali you guys!

7:40 PM Oct 28th 2008

Just had another déjà vu…

6:45 PM Oct 11th 2008

(Mini) Eureka!!!! Arrrgh!! Shows how simplifying things and some good sleep goes a long way…

8:55 AM Oct 11th 2008

@wateva see nag i told you, it never works when i try to start it. :(

10:48 AM Oct 5th 2008

@rungta oh okay. Next weekend then.

10:32 AM Oct 5th 2008

@rungta at this hour? nice. and @wateva if anyone’s up for skype in an hour or so, let me know.

8:45 AM Oct 5th 2008

@rungta @wateva What you guys up to?

8:26 AM Oct 5th 2008

@wateva @rungta Yeah really sad for Ferrari though.

2:24 PM Sep 28th 2008

That was an Awesome Awesome race!!

2:04 PM Sep 28th 2008

@rungta what are you doing now?

9:11 AM Sep 28th 2008

@rungta Ahh.. now no use.. Stay awake. What you doing??

8:33 PM Sep 24th 2008

@rungta btw, Happy your brother got the visa! Now we’ll have a Rungta in the UK! :)

8:31 PM Sep 24th 2008

@rungta still awake? I think you’d know my ans. Go sleep. Ooh but is this that attendance taking lecture??

8:30 PM Sep 24th 2008

“Windows has to shut down computer to prevent further damage” Class cant start till an expert comes to fix it.

1:15 PM Sep 22nd 2008

A little late elation moment was i realized that the one person i found and was following on del.ici.ous is a professor here at Leicester!

6:27 PM Sep 14th 2008

But most of all atm, elated to find the net working so smoothly! and all i needed was a cable :S

6:22 PM Sep 14th 2008

i’m quite excited now to start a NEW uni. as well as a bit scared. but quite glad.

6:21 PM Sep 14th 2008

@rungta thank you.. i’m here!

6:20 PM Sep 14th 2008

@rungta waste of time and you? I want more time to waste!! :(

3:32 PM Sep 10th 2008

I don’t want to go away from homeee!!! :’(:’(

1:39 PM Sep 9th 2008

@rungta and @wateva are we talking today?

4:03 PM Sep 5th 2008

@rungta why you awake at this hour? Which US open match is going on?

8:05 PM Sep 4th 2008

@rungta Ahh.. now i get it after re-reading it again.

2:48 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rungta Didn’t quite like the movie that much actually. At least not the story line.

2:47 PM Sep 2nd 2008

@rungta what the hell does that mean??

10:31 AM Sep 2nd 2008

@varenya Happy Birthday! Hope you having a good one!

8:38 AM Sep 2nd 2008

‘August Rush’- a nice movie. I’d give a 7/10. Even if you don’t watch the movie, DO get the soundtracks!

9:31 AM Aug 26th 2008

Damn the RIAA!

8:41 AM Aug 26th 2008

Yes i am. But on my way home. It might take an hr before i can get online.. Please let’s talk today.

1:54 PM Aug 23rd 2008

@rungta what you doing now?

3:49 PM Aug 22nd 2008

@rungta that site is hilarious

7:32 AM Aug 22nd 2008

still missing muxtape…

7:31 AM Aug 22nd 2008

@rungta just read your mail. Good night! Good luck for your test!

5:11 PM Aug 19th 2008

@rungta @wateva what you guys up to?

5:06 PM Aug 19th 2008

Just back from one of The most Memorable trips i’ve ever had!! Almost seems unreal in the exhaustion thats overcome me now.

5:13 PM Aug 17th 2008

Hates that i’m not getting any twitter notifications on the cell phone.

1:30 PM Aug 13th 2008

@rungta provided that my new uni has a DC network.

1:28 PM Aug 13th 2008

Misses Uni. DC++ :’(

5:36 AM Aug 13th 2008

@rungta loving your ‘playlist’ on muxtape.

8:51 AM Aug 12th 2008

@rungta awesome i was just typing a message to ask if you made it.

5:05 AM Aug 11th 2008

I’m glad that’s over and done with.

7:15 PM Aug 10th 2008

@wateva then you also come online when you get home. Have a friend (Sharina) coming over so i couldn’t be online now either.

1:53 PM Aug 9th 2008

@rungta oh awesome.. let us know when you get back, if you up for a conference.

1:47 PM Aug 9th 2008

i don’t know why i’ve been getting the twitter messages so late on my phone.

1:40 PM Aug 9th 2008

yup me!! what are the busy bodies up to??

1:39 PM Aug 9th 2008

@wateva hahah your not having dinner today are you? :P

6:15 PM Aug 7th 2008

Got my Visa. A relief!

5:30 AM Aug 7th 2008

@rungta no nothing urgent.Was just wondering if we were talking today or not.Let us know if you can.

3:11 PM Aug 3rd 2008

@rungta are you going to be awake for a while?

3:08 PM Aug 3rd 2008

I know! Oh god! That was painful!

1:38 PM Aug 3rd 2008

@rungta haha thankfully nothin friendly.But add in spiderman, organising an event 100ft below the earth,terrorists & you’ll get the dream.

4:11 PM Jul 30th 2008

WHAT a DREAM!! Haven’t had such a vivid one in ages!

4:29 AM Jul 30th 2008

@rungta did you discover that Nag joined Muxtape? :P or was it something else about Muxtape?

3:56 PM Jul 28th 2008

I’m coming online now people. Just stepped in. Fixing the net now.

1:35 PM Jul 27th 2008

@rungta do you have work today? will we be talking today?

4:49 AM Jul 26th 2008

@rungta yeah luckily i didn’t go out to that part of town today. and everyone i know are safe at home. pretty shocking stuff.

2:29 PM Jul 25th 2008

@rungta how was it meeting varenya? is he living in melbourne?

2:21 PM Jul 25th 2008

Well i’m connected to the net and twitter now. So hope to talk to you guys soon.

6:30 PM Jul 19th 2008

@wateva Yeah.Want to make the most of the next 2 months. Well hope you doing good. Enjoy gyming.

6:27 PM Jul 19th 2008

What are you guys doing?

6:18 PM Jul 19th 2008

I’m home!! That means back to power cuts, food, friends, the pollution and well seems like i never left.

6:09 PM Jul 19th 2008

I’m so going to miss Essex!

5:27 AM Jul 17th 2008

@wateva lol..If you used the dict. Then you could save that. Didn’t know how twitter worked using the phone, when i created it, did i?

11:21 PM Jul 10th 2008

@wateva busy one.. Did you get net at home?

7:47 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta But freakin out.Trust me,thats what i’m feelin most now after visitin leicester.I think i need to start studyin soon.But Can’t w …

7:44 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta fun.. Ya kinda. Went to an amusement park wit dad today. And he came on all the rides :-P

7:41 PM Jul 10th 2008

Also love reading maps!

5:59 PM Jul 10th 2008

I like how all these roads and motorways are connected here!

5:58 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta Awesome!! Congratulations!! :-)

10:20 AM Jul 10th 2008

Awesome!! Congratulations!! :-)

10:20 AM Jul 10th 2008

Okay. Just made my firm decision. Going to leicester. Liked the uni too.

4:48 PM Jul 9th 2008

Hate it… Hate it!!

2:47 PM Jul 9th 2008

Blast this rainy day…

2:38 PM Jul 9th 2008

@rungta oh.. ;-( got to watch the replay later.

3:17 PM Jul 6th 2008

Missing the match. But the O2 arena looks awesome. Going to see the egyptian exhibition next.

2:42 PM Jul 6th 2008

@rungta i’m glad for the rain in london for the match. Out at london eye now. Should make it back in time for the match.

12:56 PM Jul 6th 2008

@rungta yup having mcdonalds at victoria station. :-)

2:20 PM Jul 5th 2008

@rungta ya looking forward to see that movie. Read the reviews yest.

2:17 PM Jul 5th 2008

Heathrow baby!!

12:17 PM Jul 5th 2008

@rungta very nice! I don’t know if it was there before, but i like that it remembers what zoom i had viewed it last.

11:28 AM Jul 4th 2008

@rungta are you free today?

1:31 PM Jul 3rd 2008

Ya i agree with both of you.

8:01 AM Jun 30th 2008

Anyway i’m going back to sleep. Sush everyone.

8:00 AM Jun 30th 2008

@wateva 9 nag.. 9! Are you up?

7:58 AM Jun 30th 2008…?comicid=719[+] Rungtas the one giving the presentation, i’m the first year student and Nags the one thinking about food :P

11:00 PM Jun 29th 2008

Oh how i wish i had an apple remote right now.

1:09 AM Jun 28th 2008

Officially a graduate with a 2.1 honours degree.

2:56 PM Jun 26th 2008

@rungta haha can soo picture that “….ooh”

2:04 PM Jun 26th 2008

Last day in my lovely room at the south court. And there’s no turning back. ;-(

4:59 PM Jun 25th 2008

@wateva tomo is your last day. You’ll come back in a year. Have fun at your last day at work.

4:50 PM Jun 25th 2008

Why do i need so many bloody things to keep. Arghhh….

6:41 PM Jun 24th 2008

@rungta Yay! Its over. :) as for me now..Loving viva la vida!

9:24 AM Jun 24th 2008

Hey free one… How’d the last one go?

7:03 AM Jun 24th 2008

Fine we’ll try on the 24th. Enjoy the race you two.

11:33 AM Jun 22nd 2008

Are we talking today?

11:25 AM Jun 22nd 2008

@rungta that is stupid indeed.

4:09 PM Jun 21st 2008

Back home….

4:30 PM Jun 18th 2008

@rungta yes it was when the rss feed is open.:-P

12:43 PM Jun 17th 2008

@rungta for putting the coldplay song on there.

12:22 PM Jun 17th 2008

@rungta good thinking about muxtape.

11:50 AM Jun 17th 2008

@rungta then come online then…

11:56 AM Jun 15th 2008

Are you not home yet?

11:50 AM Jun 15th 2008

@wateva maybe you needed more sleep!

10:10 AM Jun 15th 2008

@wateva really? Where are you??

10:09 AM Jun 15th 2008

What are you guys doing?

10:07 AM Jun 15th 2008

isn’t twitter soo nice

12:34 PM Jun 13th 2008

from rungtas comp

12:33 PM Jun 13th 2008

now i can hear myself on skype

12:33 PM Jun 13th 2008

talking to two kids

12:32 PM Jun 13th 2008

@rungta ah cool.. Yeah hate when they put you off with a tough sample paper.

12:29 AM Jun 11th 2008

@rungta you’re up early. How’d the last paper go?

12:25 AM Jun 11th 2008

We HAVE to go to egypt!

3:14 PM Jun 10th 2008

@rungta all the best for tomo.

8:48 AM Jun 9th 2008

How’s prep coming along for tomo?

3:19 AM Jun 9th 2008

Its AWESOME!! I’m going mad already listening to other peoples music too.. Dc’s on jus to download music now:-P

2:01 PM Jun 7th 2008

@rungta love those tracks from LS&2SBs!

1:46 PM Jun 7th 2008[+] there you go, some of the things i’ve passed by in the last 24 hrs.

1:38 PM Jun 7th 2008

@rungta how did you make this or where is it from? Nice…

1:18 PM Jun 7th 2008

Nag! That’s the exact same thing i said the whole day yesterday! It IS the end of an era! It is so depressing!

2:45 PM Jun 6th 2008

@rungta Good luck for your first paper tomorrow!

12:20 PM Jun 5th 2008

London calling! at london bridge at 5 in the morning(to watch the sunrise :p). its awesome.

4:15 AM Jun 5th 2008

@rungta Can’t believe anyone, especially institution heads, identifying people with a number. Thats really really sad.

6:17 PM Jun 1st 2008

@rungta Thank you! touch wood no longer an undergrad!

11:24 AM May 30th 2008

i’m done done done! AAAAAAaaahhhh………

11:19 AM May 30th 2008

@Rungta good luck for waking up early tomo.

10:13 AM May 29th 2008

@Wateva tell us how after-life is like.i.e. if i’m not there already.

10:10 AM May 29th 2008

Bloody fire alarm at 4am! cause some damn person thought it would be funny to break the a fire alarm!

3:02 AM May 28th 2008

This thunder/lightning storm actually sounds freaky.

1:51 AM May 28th 2008

@rungta ah exams! when do you start and end? can’t wait for friday 12p.m. prep is coming along. ok for now i suppose, but need to do loads.

2:31 PM May 27th 2008

@Rungta thats a good acronym. how’d it go?

1:39 PM May 27th 2008

@rungta How’s it going? you can do it, just don’t sleep till twelve.

6:47 PM May 26th 2008

@Rungta how’s the free man doing?

11:16 AM May 26th 2008

Twitter is acting weird for me. sends msg’s either late or twice of every msg.

7:37 PM May 25th 2008

@Rungta did you watch the race at live showing?

2:37 PM May 25th 2008

@rungta where have you been? how’re the assignments coming along?down with 2 i presume

2:25 PM May 23rd 2008

oh is she the one!! nag.. you should say that!!

2:24 PM May 23rd 2008

@Wateva awesome! good good

7:21 PM May 22nd 2008

@wateva oh awesome!! lucky you!

7:13 PM May 22nd 2008

No am not sure… who’s that?

7:03 PM May 22nd 2008

How was the conference?

6:56 PM May 22nd 2008

Wow that’s a good record. i tried yest.

6:54 PM May 22nd 2008

@rungta i know! tell me about it.

9:59 AM May 20th 2008

@Rungta well come online when you free later. i’ll should be home.

8:19 AM May 18th 2008

@Rungta well we’re not having a conference today then. nag is going out by then.

8:18 AM May 18th 2008

@Rungta when will you get free? like in how many hours?

8:11 AM May 18th 2008

@rungta would you be free in an hour?

8:09 AM May 18th 2008

@rungta he’s not answering his phone. i’m presuming he’s the library, atleast that’s where he said he’d be yest.

12:29 PM May 17th 2008

@rungta this one was pretty alright. :)

12:22 PM May 17th 2008

two down now. 3 more to go.

12:19 PM May 17th 2008

@Wateva its supposed to be this way >:) but it still looks innocent to me.

12:08 PM May 16th 2008

@Rungta yeah waiting patiently as i can for that time to come. contrarily the prospect of finishing studies isn’t that fun.

9:15 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta yup, since the next paper being tomorrow.

9:05 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta Tennis… awesome! wish i could go out and play now.

9:01 AM May 16th 2008

@rungta thanks. ya atleast its hit me now that the exams are on.

12:55 PM May 13th 2008

@rungta thats was just ok. it wasn’t that great. had quite a lot to write.

12:49 PM May 13th 2008

One down 4 to go.

12:45 PM May 13th 2008

Rungta where you? some bday party or reading…

4:19 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva Just call when you walking to work.i.e.,if you’re not doing anything else.

4:17 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva thanks nag. that answers my question.

4:12 PM May 10th 2008

@wateva Then what you doing?

4:09 PM May 10th 2008

You guys sleeping??

4:06 PM May 10th 2008

What you guys doing?

2:14 PM May 10th 2008

@rungta but dc might still be working :( trying to finish the book now though.

11:23 AM May 9th 2008

@rungta net is down i think. unable to connect anywhere.

10:54 AM May 9th 2008

@rungta yeah i know… sadly we can’t find an answer for that now.

2:47 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta trust me.. am sure we all feel the same at some point. i definately feel that on n off. jus got to think of why n for what u cam …

2:41 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta hey rungta. whats up…its hard i know. but u wanting go hm will pass soon.hang in there.

2:31 PM May 6th 2008

@rungta pretty slow. trying to buck up though. get too easily distracted :(

1:48 PM May 4th 2008

@rungta Ha ha. good good. welcome back to the free world. (not that i’m the one to talk)

1:42 PM May 4th 2008

Same! very hungry…

2:49 PM May 3rd 2008

Not today then.

2:47 PM May 3rd 2008

Do you guys want to chat for just half an hour?only as long as we stick to it.

2:43 PM May 3rd 2008

@Wateva what are you doing?

2:39 PM May 3rd 2008

just started taking my break from studying.

2:38 PM May 3rd 2008

Someone’s back on facebook.. nice to see.

4:57 PM May 1st 2008

Thunder storm did i say? make it a proper hail storm now.

10:48 AM May 1st 2008

Thunder storms in colchester??it occurs to me i have hardly heard thunder in the uk :/

10:43 AM May 1st 2008

@rungta well its ok if its not a conference. well anyway i will be online then. if you are on shall talk then. else we’ll leave it for t …

2:55 AM Apr 29th 2008

Guys… can a conference call be possible today? please.

2:00 AM Apr 29th 2008

Al the apple store, london!

2:58 PM Apr 22nd 2008

Sorry i meant Mad oneS!!

9:50 AM Apr 19th 2008

Delicious? really… rungta.. are you out to another b’day party? :p

9:23 AM Apr 19th 2008

I can come for about an hour. and in 2 hours time is fine by me.

9:19 AM Apr 19th 2008

@rungta hate when that happens!

3:54 PM Apr 17th 2008

hate it when times of india news show the wrong news in its feeds and doesnt correspond to its title!

10:33 PM Apr 13th 2008

lets see if this works

10:11 PM Apr 13th 2008

this twitterrific thing is nice!

9:19 AM Apr 13th 2008

@rungta oh if possible get drunk/high before you come back :P

1:12 PM Apr 12th 2008

Please tweet again when you’ll are online.

12:56 PM Apr 12th 2008

Still no problem with me. rohit?

10:52 AM Apr 12th 2008

In an hour. :p

10:47 AM Apr 12th 2008

@rungta happy reading. hope you like it too.

11:09 AM Apr 11th 2008

@Rungta maximum city- bombay lost and found.

8:23 AM Apr 11th 2008

Being sick is the worst thing that can happen to oneself!!

3:08 AM Apr 9th 2008

@rungta go to sleep rungta… hope u wake up in time..

4:32 PM Apr 8th 2008

@rungta should have listened. but its like second nature. and apparently worrying ranks higher than sleep! :p

11:08 AM Mar 31st 2008

@Rungta very relieved AGAIN!

11:03 AM Mar 31st 2008

@Rungta it was alright! the person in office was very nice and said it wasn’t too much of a problem and to give in another copy.

11:02 AM Mar 31st 2008

@Rungta haha. send those people to come join my network here. i need movies but not enough people.

10:47 AM Mar 31st 2008

Met the deadline and now let free to live my life.

4:52 PM Mar 25th 2008

Stepping out into the open air after exactly 5 days of complete confinement! boy does it feel good!

4:05 PM Mar 25th 2008

@Rungta i would have never even noticed it here if it hadn’t been snowing in newcastle :p (2/2)

3:33 PM Mar 22nd 2008

@Rungta generally good. right now indifferent,having been cooped up in my room.(1/2)

3:32 PM Mar 22nd 2008

@Rungta generally good. right now indifferent,having been cooped up in my room. i would have never even noticed it here if it hadn’t bee …

3:30 PM Mar 22nd 2008

Yup, its the first snowfall in colchester this year.. and its supposed to be spring!

3:15 PM Mar 22nd 2008

I might reach insanity any moment now. almost there, almost… there.. aaaarrggh!!!!

3:52 PM Mar 20th 2008

oops sorry meant @wateva

2:43 PM Mar 16th 2008

@nag oye sorry phone battery is dead.:( tho good timing wouldn’t you say??

2:42 PM Mar 16th 2008

asks> is mr. rungta around for a chat??

1:31 PM Mar 16th 2008

@Rungta nice idea!! :) like the design of the page! tho the months at the right hand side seem oddly placed.

1:41 PM Mar 14th 2008

@rungta am not sure, got to be the latest cause it happened last night.

12:37 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rungta i connected an unlocked phone to my mac and installed an update which locked the phone as the sim was not recognized! thats how :’(

12:30 PM Mar 13th 2008

also feeling bad for getting my friends iphone locked! :(

12:27 PM Mar 13th 2008

@rungta my procrastination of doing work

12:15 PM Mar 13th 2008

lost and don’t know where to start from

12:12 PM Mar 13th 2008

@Rungta your first comment posted.

3:06 PM Mar 8th 2008

Why is the sun so bright when i want to get some sleep….

11:28 AM Mar 4th 2008

Ha ha! I can’t stop smiling :D can’t imagine you!

11:04 AM Mar 4th 2008

Nag! you lucky lucky guy(rungta would probably say bastard)!! :P ( This msg on behalf of nag)

10:58 AM Mar 4th 2008

Thank you charminar, thank you double take, thank you rungta!

6:17 PM Feb 28th 2008

Yay! mr.rungta is back down under. welcome back from the northern hemisphere.

10:16 AM Feb 23rd 2008

I just finished my project….! aaaaAA!

3:18 PM Feb 14th 2008

This project is killing me! someone shoot me NOW!

4:26 PM Feb 1st 2008

@Rungta thank you and happy journey to whereever you are destined to go now!

9:02 AM Jan 14th 2008

Its hello to the first day of the last term of my degree.(willing god forbid anything else to happen)

8:58 AM Jan 14th 2008

Happy new year you two! hope you’ll have a great year ahead!

5:15 PM Jan 1st 2008