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From the month of November, 2012.

@josephradhik Hi Joe, hadn’t heard back from you about the camera hire folks in Bombay. Was wondering if you got my mail?

6:43 AM Nov 30th 2012 in reply to josephradhik

@gonsalves_r Awesome. The bar sometimes takes a while to pop up, but haven’t found a replacement for this yet.

7:46 AM Nov 28th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

So scared for Vettel about the yellow flag passing of Kobayashi. This race is not going to end at the chequered flag.

5:43 PM Nov 25th 2012

“Multiple cats thrown into a tree full of pigeons”- David Croft. Yes, that’s right. Insane Insane final race. #F1

5:26 PM Nov 25th 2012

Expletives Expletives Expletives! #F1!

5:23 PM Nov 25th 2012

Skeptical at 4:30am. That’s new.

11:18 PM Nov 24th 2012

Caught the BBC stream of F1 qualifying. Going to miss @mrjakehumphrey. He’s got to be one of the most loved personalities on the paddock.

5:48 PM Nov 24th 2012

@gonsalves_r Ah, much thanks, whichever site that is. All those buttons have become a blur and a distracting visual annoyance.

7:45 AM Nov 23rd 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@anushayadav Yeah, the lack of quotes made it seem like it was your experience @madmanweb

5:19 PM Nov 22nd 2012 in reply to madmanweb

6 of India’s hidden gems by train:….ain-journeys[+]

10:31 AM Nov 22nd 2012

@souvikdg I assumed it to be a section in Foodworld. I also hear that Westside (the clothing store) now keeps gourmet food too @gonsalves_r

8:36 PM Nov 21st 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@souvikdg Ah, I haven’t stepped into a Foodworld in a long long time. @gonsalves_r

8:20 PM Nov 21st 2012 in reply to souvikdg

Now I have more reason to guiltlessly take photos of the food I eat. Yay!

For more damages, go check out their lovely blog

6:28 PM Nov 20th 2012

In other news, the kind folks of @bellycentric have let me contribute to their sinful Instagram feed.…bellycentric[+]

6:28 PM Nov 20th 2012

When the home button of the iPhone gives way, Settings> General> Accessibility> Assistive touch> On, makes life so much more easier.

3:50 PM Nov 20th 2012

The green and browns of Lakkom falls: blog.rashmis…5796/cascade[+]

6:08 PM Nov 19th 2012

Hello tweeple, anyone been to Diu before? Any recommendations to stay, eat, tit-bits, etc.?

5:11 PM Nov 19th 2012

Star Sports off. Unnecessary laughter off. Sky Sports streaming on. Technical, knowledgeable info back. Win. #F1

8:07 PM Nov 18th 2012

@lokallobaat Oh they’re brilliant aren’t they. Had caught the show earlier this year.

5:22 PM Nov 18th 2012 in reply to lokallobaat

So difficult to keep sane in this place. @ Blossom Book House…/SKfmP3LrCT/[+]

3:18 PM Nov 18th 2012

Went to Blossoms yesterday and was telling my friend about @hallidude’s blog, hoping he was the one eavesdropping at the end of the aisle.:P

3:17 PM Nov 18th 2012

@advaitamusic Thank you! You’ve made my day. :)

1:13 PM Nov 18th 2012 in reply to advaitamusic

@advaitamusic Mostly the ones in the previous tweet. Meinda Ishq, Gamapanipa, Gorakh, Mandirva & Durga.

1:10 PM Nov 18th 2012 in reply to advaitamusic

@advaitamusic Email is: rashmiswamy at gmail. Yes, please do get your website up too. I’m sure @miranj could help you with that if needed.:)

1:06 PM Nov 18th 2012 in reply to advaitamusic

@advaitamusic Oh that would be brilliant! Oh do I have to pick a few. :) But if I had to, Meinda Ishq, Gamapanipa, Gorakh, Mandirva & Durga.

1:06 PM Nov 18th 2012 in reply to advaitamusic

Someone, anyone, out there: who has transcribed the lyrics to all of @advaitamusic’s music? I’m tired of making up words as I sing along.

12:48 PM Nov 18th 2012

@shalynee Hey, do you know anyone who rents out cameras in Bombay? Or know anyone who would? @josephradhik could you recommend anyone?

11:16 AM Nov 16th 2012

@RohithNair A bit late, but Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one.

6:13 PM Nov 15th 2012

The upside of this Diwali has been that it’s been a pleasure to drive around the city again. Wish one could appreciate it longer.

5:49 PM Nov 14th 2012

One more day of this tomorrow. Bah Humbug.

Note to self: Next year this time, go to the forests.

6:07 PM Nov 13th 2012

@keeperofthekeys Well so did I. At least you must have known you wanted to delve into photography a little more?

6:05 PM Nov 13th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys Really. Thats all I got. But yes, I guess that’s what they effectively meant. :/

7:23 AM Nov 12th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@Fine_Whining You’re in a complicated relationship.

4:43 AM Nov 12th 2012 in reply to Fine_Whining

@keeperofthekeys And when you ask why they want a dslr, “Simply” is the worst answer to get.

4:40 AM Nov 12th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

“Who we are and who we become depends, in part, on whom we love.”

7:44 PM Nov 11th 2012

Logos, effective communication and consistency:…=xKu2de0yCJI[+]

Also, the narration and visuals of this history is extremely amusing.

7:41 PM Nov 11th 2012

“Soundscapes are an essential part of soaking in the travel experience.”
partingthesi…de-open.html[+] by @wildiris

3:01 PM Nov 11th 2012

@keeperofthekeys No! Haven’t seen those. They’re supposed to be big and preferably the hardcover ones. I want those…

8:33 AM Nov 11th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

Someone buy me Tin Tin comics. I miss reading them. :(

7:31 AM Nov 11th 2012

@rungta Also, now with another state of Rajasthan added to the collection, courtesy of @rakeshrach, Vol. 2 needs to surface, no?

1:01 PM Nov 8th 2012 in reply to rungta

@KalyanVarma Had been thinking of that movie just this morning! What a funny whacky movie that.

6:39 PM Nov 7th 2012 in reply to KalyanVarma

.@tumblr, you got to stop being sorry so often. :(

4:26 PM Nov 7th 2012

Raikkonen team radios bits ftw! :) “yes yes yes…”

2:24 PM Nov 4th 2012

What a race underway. Overtakes, collisions, places regained from the back, donuts and more crashes. #F1

2:23 PM Nov 4th 2012

Also, Bangalore, on an early sunday morning, you’re a beauty amongst fog and golden rays.

10:52 AM Nov 4th 2012

Almost ran out of fuel unknowingly. But that was just added drama.

10:51 AM Nov 4th 2012

Today: Saw, made and documented making bricks in a village.
Conversations, goats and kids.
An interesting day.

10:51 AM Nov 4th 2012

Flat tyre in the middle of an elevated expressway. Happened.

10:51 AM Nov 4th 2012

OH Mother to her kid daughter: You can’t always keep saying Me Me Me every time.
Daughter: But there was only one me in that sentence… :/

5:14 AM Nov 2nd 2012

@wildiris Lucky indeed! That’s a steal. Happy albumming. :)

4:55 PM Nov 1st 2012 in reply to wildiris

@wildiris Paperchase! I could go crazy in that shop. Bankrupt too.

4:45 PM Nov 1st 2012 in reply to wildiris