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From the month of February, 2012.

@sheriesm Somesone’s getting alive here. Shocked.

4:40 PM Feb 28th 2012 in reply to sheriesm

@eclairsk3 Oh. But you’re sure seem to be having fun in the big city. :-)

Sure did. Had to sleep it out the entire next day.

10:35 AM Feb 28th 2012 in reply to eclairsk3

Apparently the Chumbak services are faster than expected. Laptop sleeve has arrived! Thanks @Fine_Whining! Love it. :)

6:41 AM Feb 28th 2012

@eclairsk3 Thanks Ashu! :) Coming down anytime soon?

3:36 PM Feb 27th 2012 in reply to eclairsk3

@keeperofthekeys Thanks a lot Nidhi! =) My friends actually surprised me with a cake last night, had the remaining this morning. :)

1:02 PM Feb 26th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@souvikdg We’ll give it to you this time, Delhi. But we trust you’ll will race ahead soon enough. @pricelessjunk @keeperofthekeys

12:17 PM Feb 26th 2012 in reply to souvikdg

@pricelessjunk Thanks Priya! I see we share the same birth date. ;P

12:12 PM Feb 26th 2012 in reply to pricelessjunk

@rakeshrach Thanks Rakesh! Add to it, the Sunday morning quiet and calm. Good start indeed. :)

7:24 AM Feb 26th 2012 in reply to rakeshrach

Birthday cake for breakfast. Not a bad start for the day. :)

4:16 AM Feb 26th 2012

Happy Birthday @miranjdesign! Your eventful year is almost a guiding light now. ;)[+]

Nice change.

2:29 PM Feb 23rd 2012

Yay! The Urbanized DvD has arrived. :D along with other stuff.

2:24 PM Feb 23rd 2012

Sign of a work life with no balance, is when you don’t sign into Twitter for days.

10:26 PM Feb 21st 2012

@natashakini Hello! Candid Wedding photographer here. How can I be of assistance? :) Based in b’lore too.

12:12 PM Feb 16th 2012

Spicing things up. RT @WhispersChinese: Submission number 8 by @souvikdg thechinesewh…93703445/one[+] Woohoo!! #evil

10:00 AM Feb 15th 2012

Find of the day: Loving the outputs and easy photo processing by the @snapseed desktop version.

Also, the free iPhone app is a bonus find.

6:44 PM Feb 14th 2012

“Is ego a critical component of success in today’s design world? Is design humility possible?” on @GlassHouseConvo.

This is a long one.

6:37 PM Feb 14th 2012

@WhispersChinese I think we’re all cough playing cough it safe. :)

2:02 PM Feb 13th 2012 in reply to WhispersChinese

Road trip with dad, Bangalore to Mysore, and I got to drive! :D

11:32 AM Feb 11th 2012

I looked up and there were stars in the trees: rashmiswamy….023/overhead[+]

4:44 PM Feb 1st 2012