Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of November, 2008.

@rungta well then you did your part to help in the scaling.. :)

11:21 AM Nov 27th 2008

@rungta how do you do such things!? baffled Congratulations!! :)

11:13 AM Nov 27th 2008

Not a good wednesday in Bombay. What the hell is happening!? things are getting so inhumane!

7:52 PM Nov 26th 2008

@wateva just watched that japanese top gear episode where the train splits… hilarious!

3:36 PM Nov 23rd 2008

‘Au revoir les enfants’- a nice and simple movie.

1:41 AM Nov 23rd 2008

@rungta i’d rather battle them on the tennis court than having to figure out why they might get patchy coloured eyes!

11:13 PM Nov 12th 2008

Fact of the day- fruitflies… not really that interesting! banging my head aganist a wall

10:58 PM Nov 12th 2008

@rungta enjoy the freedom!

8:48 AM Nov 11th 2008

@rungta !!! what!? how did that happen…?

7:57 AM Nov 10th 2008

@rungta good luck for tomo’s exam! hope it goes well!

4:42 PM Nov 5th 2008

:( slightly scratched dvds don’t play on an iMac without a loud annoying noise….

4:41 PM Nov 5th 2008

@rungta that’s bad. Massa is just the best…

7:07 PM Nov 2nd 2008

Oh.. what an end… !!

6:55 PM Nov 2nd 2008

@wateva i love your sentences Nag :)

5:57 PM Nov 1st 2008

@wateva i don’t know.. are you ready to talk?

10:30 AM Nov 1st 2008