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From the month of April, 2008.

@rungta well its ok if its not a conference. well anyway i will be online then. if you are on shall talk then. else we’ll leave it for t …

2:55 AM Apr 29th 2008

Guys… can a conference call be possible today? please.

2:00 AM Apr 29th 2008

Al the apple store, london!

2:58 PM Apr 22nd 2008

Sorry i meant Mad oneS!!

9:50 AM Apr 19th 2008

Delicious? really… rungta.. are you out to another b’day party? :p

9:23 AM Apr 19th 2008

I can come for about an hour. and in 2 hours time is fine by me.

9:19 AM Apr 19th 2008

@rungta hate when that happens!

3:54 PM Apr 17th 2008

hate it when times of india news show the wrong news in its feeds and doesnt correspond to its title!

10:33 PM Apr 13th 2008

lets see if this works

10:11 PM Apr 13th 2008

this twitterrific thing is nice!

9:19 AM Apr 13th 2008

@rungta oh if possible get drunk/high before you come back :P

1:12 PM Apr 12th 2008

Please tweet again when you’ll are online.

12:56 PM Apr 12th 2008

Still no problem with me. rohit?

10:52 AM Apr 12th 2008

In an hour. :p

10:47 AM Apr 12th 2008

@rungta happy reading. hope you like it too.

11:09 AM Apr 11th 2008

@Rungta maximum city- bombay lost and found.

8:23 AM Apr 11th 2008

Being sick is the worst thing that can happen to oneself!!

3:08 AM Apr 9th 2008

@rungta go to sleep rungta… hope u wake up in time..

4:32 PM Apr 8th 2008