Thus twat tweeted @rashmiswamy.

From the month of August, 2010.

The ‘green woods, wet track and turns’ weekend is finally here.

12:39 PM Aug 27th 2010

@rungta Yes yes, you definitely should…

(chanting x”Let the reverse psychology work, let it work”)

12:39 PM Aug 27th 2010

@5anket Dude, you’re going to be doing the same in two weeks from Airlines. All food tweets should pass through a non publishable filter.

10:26 AM Aug 27th 2010

@ohnoir It’s been a quiet month of August. Rather there’s been more noise than signal.

11:35 AM Aug 26th 2010

Impromptu summarizing is not one of my skills.

4:42 PM Aug 25th 2010

@rakeshrach Wow! Small world indeed.

7:36 PM Aug 24th 2010

@rakeshrach Ah. Interesting that you roamed around the north of B’lore. I live by BEL road myself. Makes me miss home now.
Have a nice trip!

6:29 PM Aug 24th 2010

Finally managed to indulge in the Corleone family history over the past three weekends. Its cinematic portrayal was surely at its finest.

1:48 AM Aug 24th 2010

@siracusa: This is pretty much how I think of and try to use Twitter: hiddenfreque…ur-community[+] (But I recognize that situations vary.)”

11:51 PM Aug 23rd 2010

@rakeshrach Which parts of Bangalore did you visit?

6:13 PM Aug 23rd 2010

Another big Yay! for undo last closed tab in Safari 5.

2:39 PM Aug 23rd 2010

In 5 years, the total number of Kannadigas I’ve met, outside the country, under one roof = 5

11:25 AM Aug 23rd 2010

@5anket And had to go there only ‘cause I’m currently visiting family friends.

12:51 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@5anket Haha, no no, it was in the evening, but I didn’t have internet access to send it then. :)

12:43 AM Aug 22nd 2010

Is it a bad thing that I want to play with my phone and think about tweeting, while waiting in a queue, feet-drenched, to enter a temple?

12:29 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@Fine_Whining Also, I take the slow dying route, remember?

12:13 AM Aug 22nd 2010

@Fine_Whining No magnanimous one. But our states are such, that you’re excused to have overlooked it.

12:12 AM Aug 22nd 2010

When you can’t find the right type of music in your library, more often than not, you can find it in your ‘Top 50 Most Played’ playlist.

2:19 AM Aug 20th 2010

@xAbhishek It is, especially when people are trying to pay back loans, gain experience, etc.
But coming back home can’t be too bad either.

7:01 PM Aug 19th 2010

@xAbhishek I mean aspirations that die out due to immigration rules/unemployment, and referring to people whose visas cannot be renewed.

5:49 PM Aug 19th 2010

India, take note, you shall experience a strong influx of aspired, then expired, immigrants coming back soon.

4:29 PM Aug 19th 2010

@5anket A loop worth. :)

3:24 AM Aug 17th 2010

@rungtaakki Where would this be?

1:33 PM Aug 16th 2010

@rungta Oh no! That isn’t good…

1:32 PM Aug 16th 2010

@5anket Neither to the unemployed.

12:24 PM Aug 14th 2010

@xAbhishek That could be possible. You get your customer attention, which includes a lot of faffing about, from observation and experience.

7:35 AM Aug 14th 2010

@rakeshrach Ah, the déjà vu sight, from down under.

7:31 AM Aug 14th 2010

Is it just me or has english rock ballad compositions died out, or am I just failing to recognise them anymore? #stranded_in_the_20thcentury

2:57 PM Aug 12th 2010

@rakeshrach Interesting. Didn’t know that. No surprise then that it’s considered as a classic in the movie world.

2:13 PM Aug 12th 2010

@rakeshrach Oh! Been meaning to watch that movie for a while now. Now it sounds more intriguing.

2:32 PM Aug 11th 2010

The wonderful thing about sleep is that you’re almost never the same person you were before you went to bed. #themetamorphosis #notaquote

2:15 AM Aug 9th 2010

My friend @Divya_Rani’s moving-to-another-country spreadsheet also includes ‘chewing gum while flying’.
Now, that’s called comprehensive. :)

2:05 PM Aug 8th 2010

Everyone is talking about PEN Story. Here’s PEN Giant:…/fOxpKdmVvlk[+]
Wish ad’s were more like this.

12:33 AM Aug 8th 2010

The bar code reader on the Delicious thinks I just read ‘Skip to my Lou’, while all along I thought it was ‘The Metamorphosis’!

10:21 PM Aug 7th 2010

@5anket You kept it all in the lines. A gold star for you! :P I miss colouring.

12:37 PM Aug 7th 2010

@5anket crazy person! :P

1:42 AM Aug 7th 2010

Nothing ruins the seriousness of a Troy-Greek battle as a giant moose-head in a tv ad that goes ‘Chew chew’ every 20 mins.

11:59 PM Aug 6th 2010

The hungrier you are, the faster you cook.

7:22 PM Aug 6th 2010

Overdose-of-internet hibernation: Off.

I survived, but the insatiable virtual void dilemma persists.

11:14 PM Aug 5th 2010

@5anket You’re seeing them everywhere now. :)

12:02 PM Aug 3rd 2010