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From the month of May, 2013.

That concludes a long week of customer research. So humbling to see the truth in regular people trying to get a job done with your product.

9:00 AM May 31st 2013

This three hour flight to Sydney felt as long as an international trip. If only there was a holiday at the end of it.

11:10 AM May 29th 2013

.@Flickr’s new design is step forward, but their new pricing feels like a step back. Why dilute Pro features to just an ad-free experience?

5:40 PM May 22nd 2013

@force10x Delete’s ok, but the rest trip me up often. Not good.

4:28 PM May 22nd 2013 in reply to force10x

.@gmail’s icons without any labels trip me up even months after use. Which one’s Archive again? Delete? Move? Gosh.

1:52 PM May 22nd 2013

@worrydream How do you fund your independent research? Can we, the public, help you Kickstarter-style?

8:53 AM May 22nd 2013

#CX2013 is off to a great start with @ScottevestCEO sharing his story of reinventing pockets and travel clothing.

9:42 AM May 6th 2013

@MichaelBoyd_23 Thanks! It’s been smooth so far, interesting projects. Hope things are well with you too.

5:17 PM May 1st 2013 in reply to MichaelBoyd_23