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From the month of January, 2013.

The best interaction design requires the least interaction to get the job done. The simplest path to the answer is what people seek.

7:59 AM Jan 31st 2013

Funny how interaction design is hyped as this cool thing people would love to interact with. People only love interacting with other people.

7:54 AM Jan 31st 2013

@established1987 I said hi and you were like, eeeeh. Classic.

11:40 AM Jan 30th 2013 in reply to established1987

@trowdy @deanfra @helveticade LOL, basically any title that obscures real work and distances the hard yakka involved.

9:53 AM Jan 25th 2013 in reply to deanfra

Regular feedback is good and all, but sometimes it’s like tasting the food while still being cooked — give it some time.

12:19 PM Jan 24th 2013

When designers get it wrong and people struggle through its use, you see that design isn’t about trends or style; design is about ethics.

8:51 AM Jan 22nd 2013

Watching tourists and seniors struggle with Myki shows how broken it really is. The govt’s ignorance of the issues is basically corruption.

7:59 AM Jan 22nd 2013

Getting back at @established1987 by revealing his birthday today. Enjoy it mate, and thanks @fefefeng for the tipoff :)

5:09 PM Jan 21st 2013

Resist the urge to over-optimise layouts for mobile or tablet – too much and you’ll risk disorientating users who often switch devices.

8:49 AM Jan 21st 2013

@macromates Love the new file browser in nightly builds. Much cleaner and simpler. Thanks!

1:25 PM Jan 18th 2013

The web’s openness means we’re not done designing until we’re done writing – ask if your design works even with screen readers for the blind

9:15 AM Jan 18th 2013

@helveticade TextMate 2’s certainly worth another look. I’ve found the defaults fine, but there’s a solid list of plugins under Preferences.

8:17 AM Jan 18th 2013 in reply to helveticade

@deanfra Sublime is great but doesn’t provide a fully native Mac experience like TextMate does. Little things like keyboard bindings, icons.

8:47 AM Jan 17th 2013 in reply to deanfra

TextMate 2’s nightly builds keep getting better. (Love the cleaner side bar.) Open sourcing it was a good thing after all.

8:02 AM Jan 17th 2013

@wordsfromwongy No different to English punctuation arguments you’d have with writers :)

1:48 PM Jan 9th 2013 in reply to wordsfromwongy

Amen to @TrentWalton’s reminder about the web’s flexible foundations: trentwalton….foundations/[+]

10:26 AM Jan 8th 2013

@rungta Happy birthday! Wishing you @bellycentric worthy treats all day :)

6:18 AM Jan 8th 2013 in reply to rungta

@rashmiswamy So many colourful portraits. Another immediate follow.

9:23 AM Jan 5th 2013 in reply to rashmiswamy

@rungta Followed and added as contact. Thanks for sharing.

9:22 AM Jan 5th 2013 in reply to rungta