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From the month of January, 2012.

@deanfra Glad I took the day off :) Thanks for the heads up.

3:42 PM Jan 27th 2012 in reply to deanfra

Design history will look back at all this ‘minimalist’ as simply modernist. Modernism never ended.

7:43 AM Jan 25th 2012

John Pawson: love his work, hate his website,[+]

Architects should not have terrible websites.

3:18 PM Jan 24th 2012

@rungta ooh that’s a nice travel site. Know them?

6:20 AM Jan 24th 2012 in reply to rungta

@andrewlitvak what on earth is an ‘Ultrabook’?

2:37 PM Jan 21st 2012 in reply to andrewlitvak

Amazon, please hurry up and ship my copy of Saul Bass. The wait is killing me.

3:33 PM Jan 20th 2012