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The 2008 collection.

“Writing doesn’t just communicate ideas; it generates them” – Paul Graham

1:54 PM Dec 22nd 2008

Why is it so rare to find leadership in our elected leaders?

1:19 PM Dec 15th 2008

@rungta Yep, it sure is. If it were a cassette instead of mp3, I would’ve worn out the cassette by now listening to the album

4:12 PM Dec 5th 2008

‘Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up’ – Pablo Picasso

7:43 AM Dec 2nd 2008

@jymloke All the best with the exam

7:32 PM Dec 1st 2008

Citizen community discussions on gaining momentum:…sshealthcare[+] Powered by the IntenseDebate plugin

9:31 AM Nov 29th 2008

Shocked and deeply upset by the terrorist attacks in Mumbai

11:08 AM Nov 27th 2008

@rungta Just found out first-hand that google transliterate sucks if copy-pasting sentences. You’ll have to transliterate for me

8:11 AM Nov 25th 2008

@jymloke Under settings, there should be a themes tab. It’s slowly being rolled out and I only got mine a couple of hours ago

5:16 PM Nov 20th 2008

My gmail interface just lost some blue. Not sure if it’s final but I like the new tweaks.

10:59 AM Nov 20th 2008

“Colored background age so much quicker than white backgrounds. A color I liked yesterday bores me 3 days later.White, never” via jasonfried

11:20 AM Nov 11th 2008

@rungta What a nightmare! One of those things you think will never happen to you…hope you survived the exam

6:08 AM Nov 11th 2008

While the intentions are good for, it lacks the design sense of[+]. Hope change comes to its design

12:15 PM Nov 7th 2008

Nearly every moment of the long campaign captured in pictures:…obama_daily/[+]

5:03 PM Nov 6th 2008

CNN and BBC just called victory for Obama!

2:16 PM Nov 5th 2008

Didn’t get much sleep & not getting any work done this morning as I watch every step of Obama’s march to victory

1:24 PM Nov 5th 2008

Glad that Native American people & their culture will be supported under an Obama government:…=OWocEgu3bPk[+]

9:58 PM Oct 25th 2008

Reluctantly back home after five days in the wilderness. I want to go back to Tas.

6:15 PM Oct 21st 2008

Finally purchased an item from my mountaineering wish list: pair of Columbia Omni-Tech boots. Can’t wait to loosen them in TAS next friday

3:09 PM Oct 12th 2008

Lack of awareness is almost as scary as the potential pandemic itself: .

10:01 PM Oct 11th 2008

@jymloke Just curious: why are you woohooing about iFund? I can’t imagine any iPhone app development needing VC funding

3:45 PM Oct 8th 2008

@paulidownunder Nice! You wont regret the upgrade

1:51 PM Oct 4th 2008

Warren Buffett talks sense at a time of economic chaos:…419795681197[+]

10:26 AM Oct 4th 2008

Remembering Gandhi on his birthday: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”

10:39 PM Oct 2nd 2008

Matt Damon sums up why the alternative to Obama is scary for the US & the world at large:…=C6urw_PWHYk[+]

1:14 PM Sep 29th 2008

Jack Cafferty best sums up Sarah Palin’s stupidity:…=L8__aXxXPVc[+]

1:04 PM Sep 29th 2008

Up early for a sunrise shoot with my D40. Happy with results given its minimal features - less time fiddling, more time enjoying the moment

10:52 AM Sep 27th 2008

muxtape will never be what it used to be but at least they’re coming back in some form:

11:18 PM Sep 26th 2008

Liking the US election page on Twitter:[+]

4:25 PM Sep 26th 2008

So, Bush quickly comes up with 800 billion for saving Wall St’s ass but cant spend a bit for environment or poverty. Pathetic!

3:45 PM Sep 25th 2008

Pedestrian airbags for the weak and elderly looks wierd at first but sounds useful:

12:12 PM Sep 25th 2008

@paulidownunder Thanks Paul, yep I’m really looking forward to the scenic drives over there

10:42 AM Sep 23rd 2008

Planning out our big adventure through Tasmania in Oct. It’s finally happening and I can’t wait!

10:11 AM Sep 22nd 2008

@rungta Damn fine realignment, although search from /home was an interesting omission

1:40 PM Sep 19th 2008

@paulidownunder Do recall those awesome pics you took at NZ and Tas. What model of Nikon is yours?

9:24 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rungta Certainly doesn’t. About time I got onboard :)

4:45 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rungta Thanks! Feels right so I’m happy. In the end, it’s not
the camera, it’s the cameraman that differentiates, so let’s see…

3:01 PM Sep 17th 2008

Just purchased the Nikon D40 before it goes extinct. What a fun, simple DSLR it is! Intentionally under spec’d, lightweight & affordable

1:46 PM Sep 17th 2008

@jymloke That’s a good start. Just remember to go easy with HDR - you don’t want nature shots looking overly artificial

2:41 PM Sep 15th 2008

Tempted to sneak out of work for Monday arvo’s screening of Satyajit Ray films in Melb

10:03 AM Sep 13th 2008

Watching the Paralympians at the velodrome is awe inspiring! I’m all lumped up in the throat

4:10 PM Sep 7th 2008

Leonardo Glass Cube is another fine example of modernist architecture:…-by-3deluxe/[+]

3:05 PM Sep 7th 2008

When opening links in a new tab, Chrome doesn’t just add it at the end of the tab-list, it groups them based on source location. Neat!

5:25 PM Sep 5th 2008

@rungta Triggered by an overly photoshopped, HDR’d pic on flickr of essentially a brick. It’s also my broad opinion on other artforms

6:23 PM Sep 1st 2008

You know you’re looking at mediocre photography when it’s all about showing-off camera gadgetry & nothing about conveying emotion or message

5:52 PM Sep 1st 2008

I’m in a mixed state of emotions after reading through “Days with my father” -

10:53 AM Jul 29th 2008

“Fonts are the clothes that words wear” – via

7:53 AM Jul 29th 2008

It’s raining in Melbourne and we badly need more. Water reserves are at 29% and dropping to their lowest ever: melbournewat…om_graph.asp[+]

9:19 PM Jul 10th 2008

@rungta that’s damn good, well done!

8:55 PM Jul 10th 2008

I want my very own compressed air car, despite its ugly looks: businessweek…cussed_ssi_5[+]

12:08 PM Jul 7th 2008

@rungta I watched it too and thought the same - nicely done entertainer

12:03 PM Jul 6th 2008

37signals to drop support for IE6 across all its products:…-phasin.html[+]

3:42 PM Jul 4th 2008

Didn’t strike me till now that Heath Ledger’s character in ‘The Dark Knight’ looks similar to Malcolm McDowell’s in ‘The Clockwork Orange’

12:02 PM Jul 2nd 2008

Samuel Dass, the brilliant new age sitarist, is coming to Melb. Sample his music at[+]

6:15 PM Jun 29th 2008

Is there a reason why Firefox 3’s back button is so bright & prominent? It’s distracting more than anything.

2:26 PM Jun 18th 2008

“By not taking sides, you have taken both sides” - paraphrasing Roger Ebert on Spielberg’s approach in Munich, and perhaps generally in life

4:28 PM Jun 17th 2008

Why does professionalism at work constrain people into being lame, boring and unnatural? Be reasonable but dont stop being your natural self

11:47 AM Jun 16th 2008

I’m living life in Technicolor

2:05 PM Jun 14th 2008

For those who care: ZFS is confirmed for inclusion in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

1:47 PM Jun 12th 2008

Back from my first hike in weeks. It was wet, muddy and a bit risky for my recovering knee but I enjoyed every bit of it out there.

3:25 PM Jun 9th 2008

@rungta I’m sure you did better than you think. And, there’s always scaling for algo subjects

3:18 PM Jun 9th 2008

Just about a week till the official release of Viva la Vida. Can’t wait!

10:56 AM Jun 9th 2008

@rungta that’s a nice collection to have in your head

3:23 PM Jun 8th 2008

Took me a while to try it, but now that I have, I just love the redesign for Next up, I want to try wordpress 2.5

12:20 PM May 26th 2008 is growing on me as my default Oz news site

4:39 PM May 25th 2008

@rungta yeah pretty much

4:23 PM May 25th 2008

Indiana Jones 4 was worth the watch but not worth the wait

4:09 PM May 25th 2008

I finally purchased a flickr pro account after hitting the limit. It’s good to be pro

8:14 PM Apr 22nd 2008

George Patton had some good things to say:…atton-quotes[+]

10:17 AM Apr 10th 2008

@rungta did you make it to that 10am class?

10:25 AM Apr 9th 2008

@rungta yeah, a woman was sadly crushed to death by a falling tree.

5:01 PM Apr 2nd 2008

Traffic jammed, trains canceled, power failures and people killed by falling trees ! This wild weather’s getting worse by the minute…

4:18 PM Apr 2nd 2008

There’s something in the air and I can’t wait to find out

11:50 AM Jan 15th 2008