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From the month of May, 2010.

@xAbhishek Definitely. iPad when I’m sitting down, iPhone when I’m moving around (walking, driving, standing in crowded trains, etc.)

4:56 PM May 30th 2010

@PGHarrison Ever since they’ve been designing the best products :P

12:45 PM May 30th 2010

In other words, MacBook is best for creating content, iPad is best for consuming, and iPhone is best for checking things on the go.

12:32 PM May 30th 2010

@PGHarrison iPhone for checking things on the go.

12:21 PM May 30th 2010

MacBook for design & development, iPad for reading & entertainment.

11:56 AM May 30th 2010

On the couch with an iPad, reading my mail, checking my feeds, browsing the web, and writing this tweet.

10:44 AM May 29th 2010

@rekharach Excuses, excuses. You sleep that much in summer too.

10:35 AM May 29th 2010

@oddysee Thanks. No way, I was up till late and I woke up early.

10:33 AM May 29th 2010

@rungta @rashmiswamy @xAbhishek Thanks guys, and apologies in advance for my flood of iPad related tweets over the next week.

9:44 PM May 28th 2010

Want to use my shiny new iPad but scared of pulling it out on the night train.

7:43 PM May 28th 2010

@PGHarrison The UI is optimised for the larger form factor and the reading experience is fantastic. I can type surprisingly well on it too.

7:28 PM May 28th 2010

@rekharach Yeah, I can’t believe it myself.

6:28 PM May 28th 2010

I’m oblivious to all this morning traffic, thanks to Fanshawe (by El Ten Eleven) playing in my car.

9:18 AM May 28th 2010

@marcoarment Thanks for explaining. You could target WebKit’s increasing presence & leave Flash for the rest, but I realise the constraints.

1:19 AM May 28th 2010

@marcoarment Please tell me Tumblr are working on HTML5 support. It hurts when audio/video uploads render as Flash objects.

10:45 PM May 27th 2010

@rekharach I’ll just have to believe you :) Well done (seriously).

11:09 PM May 26th 2010

@rungta Haha, I’m curious now of the data that triggered your tweet.

9:13 PM May 26th 2010

@rekharach that doesn’t sound hard.

6:25 PM May 26th 2010

Beautiful day to be cycling:

1:04 PM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Also, what’s that wall art? Looks intriguing, whatever it is.

10:35 AM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Woah, that’s quite a sight. Love that high ceiling and natural light.

10:24 AM May 22nd 2010

@oddysee Photos, please. I haven’t ventured in those buildings before.

10:10 AM May 22nd 2010

Glad someone’s keeping a photo archive of Old Hyderabad:

5:08 PM May 19th 2010

Respectable new record from Francis and the Lights: I’m hooked to ‘In a limo’ and ‘Tap the phone.’

10:59 PM May 18th 2010

@oddysee What a character. Hope his acting was worth it.

9:55 PM May 18th 2010

So proud of Greenpeace: our campaign against Nestle’s ties with rainforest destruction worked! Kudos to Nestlé. greenpeace.o…estle-170510[+]

4:27 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Final points: all major browsers support HTML5 actually, and nobody’s forced to use an iPhone anyway: there is a choice.

1:04 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Majority doesn’t make it right. Change is hard but someone had to take a stance for web standards & browsers without plugins.

12:41 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Web content can’t continue being trapped in containers/plugins. Websites should switch to HTML5 & fallback to Flash for IE.

12:34 PM May 17th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Flash had its time. HTML5 is the future, it’s truly open (ratified by W3C) and technologically superior. Why not HTML5?

12:06 PM May 17th 2010

@rungta I like the new line.

9:35 AM May 15th 2010

@grahamrb I’m starting to like the new look over the 3GS. It looks simpler and timeless.

8:26 AM May 14th 2010

“If I could never remove features, I’d never add any”:

8:21 AM May 14th 2010

Some of my favourite writing on the web, summarised on @fchimero’s Text Playlist:

9:19 PM May 13th 2010

@grahamrb I’m warming up to the new look, but I’m hating all these leaks.

6:20 PM May 12th 2010

Looking forward to Mehra’s next film, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. “Zindagi se bhago nahin, zindagi ke saath bhago” bollywoodhun…4/index.html[+]

3:58 PM May 12th 2010

@coolkidsdoit Nice video, Nick. Congrats!

8:28 PM May 11th 2010

Flickr friends, I’ll have to re-add you to my new account. Sorry about the move — your comments will be lost, but not my memory of them.

11:47 AM May 10th 2010

It used to be that I kept different photos in different places. Not any more:

11:30 AM May 10th 2010

Good to see Webber smiling again.

11:53 PM May 9th 2010

God I’m loving this Button-Schumacher duel in Spain. Much like the days before Ferrari’s dominance.

10:42 PM May 9th 2010

Mothers Day dinner at Gujjus. Delicious Pani Puri and Bhel Puri for the first time in 10+ years. So good.

9:23 PM May 9th 2010

@grahamrb Oh yeah. It’s about time.

10:29 AM May 8th 2010

@rungta Yeah, it was charming and sophisticated at the same time. Nonlinear screenplay put to great use.

1:51 PM May 7th 2010

Watched ‘500 Days of Summer’ for the first time, in Autumn. That’s some coincidence.

11:27 PM May 6th 2010

@rungta Congrats on the public launch. It has the potential to be Twitter’s version of

2:03 PM May 5th 2010

RT Facebook is for people you went to school with. Twitter is for people you wished you went to school with. (via @valdiskrebs)

1:32 PM May 5th 2010