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From the month of March, 2013.

@chrisbride Your idea of Apple TVs hooked up in meeting rooms: they’re all over here. AirPlay is so handy.

11:14 AM Mar 27th 2013

A little late to this, but I’m loving the sharp new ads for JC Penney by @ksegall and co.…=FEaXnPXJwe8[+]

9:28 AM Mar 27th 2013

@melizaho @chesterm8 Isn’t it the best feeling knowing you’ve donated blood? Reminds me, I’m due for my next round.

9:53 AM Mar 26th 2013 in reply to chesterm8

And there’s that S word again… “Skeuomorphism.” Whatever your stance, remember MS DOS and every desktop UI metaphor with similar roots.

2:54 PM Mar 22nd 2013

It’s funny how “flat design” is talked about as a new thing. Pick up a history book and turn to the chapter on Modernism.

2:36 PM Mar 22nd 2013

The hardest part of changing jobs is the goodbyes :(…/W5SUdHJ_US/[+]

9:06 AM Mar 16th 2013

@trowdy The design trilogy is definitely worth a watch: Helvetica, Objectified and Urbanized.

8:45 PM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to trowdy

@trowdy Love that doco and the whole trilogy really. Gary Hustwit gets it.

6:40 PM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to trowdy

@fraencisbeats Nah, you might have a whole new market in Xmas tunes and jingles. #popefrancis

7:40 AM Mar 14th 2013 in reply to fraencisbeats

@twitDaveO Heard your plea and endorsed you for Axure. Also endorsed @kstre for Sheep Shearing, because he was asking for it in a way :)

2:53 PM Mar 5th 2013

@deanfra @trowdy So basically their government did a Myki for websites. Corruption or mismanagement? Makes no difference to the public.

12:16 PM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to deanfra

@trowdy Trends-obsessed architects unleashing all kinds of attention-grabbing crazy without any sense of responsibility or timelessness.

8:44 AM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to trowdy

Wouldn’t it be nice if job titles described what we do, not what we are? “I make XYZ better” rather than “I’m an XYZer.” Verbose but clear.

7:52 AM Mar 5th 2013

@xAbhishek Nice looking deck. Surprised to see ‘Yes / No’ button labels though. Slip-up or deliberate?

5:08 AM Mar 5th 2013 in reply to xAbhishek

I find it helps to think more in terms of ergonomics and industrial design when crafting touch interfaces. It’s a physical act, ultimately.

12:32 PM Mar 1st 2013

We call all these things digital, yet the piece of glass in our hands we touch, swipe, feel, talk into… It’s more physical, natural.

12:22 PM Mar 1st 2013

To folks behind company twitter accounts: Why waste your eminence recycling news links? How about some original, opinionated writing.

8:13 AM Mar 1st 2013