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From the month of October, 2011.

So the book confirms Jobs battling cancer right through from 2004. Note how these were also his most inventive years, with iPhone and iPad.

7:22 AM Oct 27th 2011

@amandamli That’s a bargain! Thinking about it again.

5:12 AM Oct 26th 2011 in reply to amandamli

@carlalindarte Would love to renovate Batman. Do you think we could put it on Diners? ;)

5:11 AM Oct 26th 2011 in reply to carlalindarte

Not bad for an old warehouse (and you’ve got to love Japanese aesthetic in modern architecture): blog.wanken….n-warehouse/[+]

9:33 PM Oct 25th 2011

@grahamrb Wowzy that’s an upgrade all right.

7:44 PM Oct 24th 2011 in reply to grahamrb

@twitDaveO you know that monitor on your desk (courtesy of @andrewlitvak) is flippable as well right?

6:36 PM Oct 24th 2011 in reply to twitDaveO

Nice walk up Lysterfield Hill[+]

4:08 PM Oct 23rd 2011

Totally in love with this Sesame Street video from 1984 answering “What is a computer?”…=kccWna71sqk[+] These kids got it.

6:36 PM Oct 22nd 2011

@andrewlitvak Likewise mate. Pity it was a quick one but next Friday!

10:48 PM Oct 14th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

Don’t mind an extra long commute when I’m this productive. Maybe I shouldn’t get off the train at all.

8:01 AM Oct 12th 2011

The most beautiful tribute I’ve seen: subtraction….e-jobs-issue[+] (via @xAbhishek)

6:20 AM Oct 12th 2011

A touching summary of tributes to Steve Jobs, from Microsoft to Google, friends, foes and fans alike: techcrunch.c…he-universe/[+]

1:53 PM Oct 9th 2011

@zaana @leondoyle @emlaurajackson Rocking it I’m sure. Proud of you guys!

8:07 AM Oct 7th 2011 in reply to zaana

@xAbhishek Bittersweet, and it still hurts.

8:06 AM Oct 7th 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

Still coming to terms with the loss of a design leader and how I’ll ever look up to another in the same way. #ripstevejobs

7:46 AM Oct 7th 2011

@zaana Aww, cute! As long as the paper pile wasn’t too heavy for him.

8:59 PM Oct 5th 2011 in reply to zaana

Annual re-watching of Richard Attenborough’s ‘Gandhi’ on this birthday of the Mahatma.

11:05 AM Oct 2nd 2011