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From the month of June, 2012.

What an incredible race, Valencia! Brilliant driving from Alonso, and Schumi on the podium! (His car not breaking down for once.) #F1

12:05 AM Jun 25th 2012

@deanfra @chrisbride Fiona was so quiet today. I want more of these FionaFridays.

5:42 PM Jun 22nd 2012 in reply to deanfra

@deanfra Is there such a client? I’d love a mute for certain hashtags at certain times @andrewlitvak

11:16 AM Jun 20th 2012 in reply to deanfra

@andrewlitvak LOL, it was temporary (during some Agile conf.) and I’d forgotten to follow you again, oops…

11:00 AM Jun 20th 2012 in reply to andrewlitvak

@melizaho You must’ve been in some seriously deep sleep. My whole house was shaking.

10:05 AM Jun 20th 2012 in reply to melizaho

@carlalindarte How big was the Christchurch one you felt? Must’ve been even scarier. They’re saying it was 5.2 here.

9:32 PM Jun 19th 2012 in reply to carlalindarte

Haven’t felt an #earthquake like that in Melbourne before.

9:04 PM Jun 19th 2012

@grahamrb hope it was nothing major. Work related?

6:24 PM Jun 19th 2012 in reply to grahamrb

Striking package design by Coca-Cola for the Olympic games: thedieline.c…c-games.html[+]

4:20 PM Jun 17th 2012

@amolpradhan Ah yes, forgotten it looks similar to what we saw.

6:33 PM Jun 1st 2012 in reply to amolpradhan

The honey hunters of Nepal:

2:10 PM Jun 1st 2012