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From the month of September, 2010.

@grahamrb Sounds perfect. AirPlay is the killer.

10:46 AM Sep 30th 2010

@grahamrb Incredible. I’d happily leave it on all day with that kind of consumption.

9:58 AM Sep 30th 2010

@grahamrb Not fair. I’m still stuck on #OldTwitter.

9:22 PM Sep 28th 2010

@grahamrb That’s sad. Shows how important a business model is.

9:53 AM Sep 28th 2010

@grahamrb Coffee would be apt! I think their name comes from their first blog (Uncrate) which has a Zombie-like crowd following.

9:41 PM Sep 27th 2010

I’m adding Zombie Corp to my list of wildly awesome company names:

6:21 PM Sep 27th 2010

@grahamrb Git? (I’m yet to try Git. So far it’s been Mercurial.)

3:16 PM Sep 27th 2010

@grahamrb Nope. They all have their pain-points and learning curves, but at least we’re getting out of the “CVS is the only option” days.

2:56 PM Sep 27th 2010

Walls are meant for drawing:

11:13 AM Sep 26th 2010

@rungta Haha. Also, whichever lane you change to becomes the slower one.

4:10 PM Sep 24th 2010

This is bold:’s entire background is an ad, but the whitespace makes it work.

2:26 PM Sep 24th 2010

My derogatory tweet about Samsung (and HTC) earned me followership from @SamsungMobileUS (a verified account). OK.

1:57 PM Sep 24th 2010

@rekharach Turn that off, please.

8:12 PM Sep 23rd 2010

This free Apple bumper feels surprisingly alright. Keeping it for now, but I suspect I’ll go back to caseless once this rubbery thing sags.

10:03 AM Sep 21st 2010

In honour of Vignelli Week at @DesignObserver, I’m proud to announce @Vignelli: a Twitter discourse of design wisdom from the Vignelli duo.

11:24 PM Sep 19th 2010

“Jhootha Hi Sahi” is Rahman returning to simple, soothing melodies. Vintage, jazz-like, soft sounds, reminiscent of Rahman’s early 90s work.

6:29 PM Sep 19th 2010

Sumsung and HTC marketers, take note: you can’t build brand loyalty by introducing new names every quarter. Tweak the design, not the brand.

5:28 PM Sep 19th 2010

@xAbhishek The real problem, I think, is the Android market’s inability to build brand loyalty around one name, whatever that name might be.

5:16 PM Sep 19th 2010

How ridiculous are these new Android phone names: “Samsung Fascinate”, “Galaxy”, “Desire”…

4:37 PM Sep 19th 2010

@grahamrb White iPhone4? I almost forgot about that one. Quite a debacle there.

12:49 PM Sep 19th 2010

Hello Hello? Who else is hooked to the JHS soundtrack?

12:12 PM Sep 19th 2010

@oddysee Tried Ping. It has potential but its UI drives me nuts. And I keep forgetting about Game Center… must try it one day.

12:08 PM Sep 18th 2010

@adriancb Nice. Anyone from our Uni behind that site?

12:29 PM Sep 16th 2010

@rashmiswamy All the best, then. I’ll see you at BEL Rd next time :)

11:04 AM Sep 16th 2010

@rashmiswamy Packing up for good?

9:19 AM Sep 16th 2010

@oddysee Haha. Close your eyes. Take a nap.

6:11 PM Sep 15th 2010

Clearly, I’m looking for a new wristwatch:

2:45 PM Sep 15th 2010

@sumitsharan Haha, that’s a cheeky name for their kind of audience.

11:53 AM Sep 15th 2010

@rungta Yay, now we can talk about all the great little moments in that film.

11:46 AM Sep 15th 2010

@oddysee Haha, yes I remember trying their HotDog editor in the early dotcom years. And your name suggestion sure is to the point.

7:00 PM Sep 10th 2010

Best startup names I’ve heard all year: “Mysterious Trousers” and “Destroy Today”. Almost beats last year’s best: “Sandwich Dynamics”.

5:14 PM Sep 10th 2010

@rungta Haha, I can attest to that. It’ll take you a while to get all the pulp off all the clothes.

8:26 AM Sep 9th 2010

Why would Twitter dedicate a third of the iPad screen for a static menu? What’s with the confusing selection modes? MDI overkill.

12:29 PM Sep 7th 2010

Twitter for iPad has been my worst experience on iPad. Atrocious.

12:09 PM Sep 7th 2010

“Our lives are just a bunch of moments”:[+]

9:54 PM Sep 6th 2010

Winter, you’re officially over. Why linger?

3:15 PM Sep 2nd 2010

@manojn I think they’re costing their server-side stuff into the app. If it didn’t have sync and a web interface, then yes it’s too much.

6:43 PM Sep 1st 2010

Here’s the actual link from my last tweet for those complaining about 404’s:

5:02 PM Sep 1st 2010

A week’s backlog of feeds was worth reading through after this classic find: Steve Jobs presenting “Think Different”

4:34 PM Sep 1st 2010