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From the month of July, 2009.

@oddysee I envy your decisiveness in packing.

1:39 PM Jul 26th 2009

Evolution decided not to rid us of anger, so who am I to question it?

1:12 PM Jul 26th 2009

Packing for a short trip is worse than packing for a long one. I surely need a few pairs but I’m unsure if it’s a few too many.

10:53 AM Jul 26th 2009

@oddysee Me too, and I also pondered how Jason keeps outdoing himself in writing and art direction.

9:24 PM Jul 25th 2009

Melbourne gets a new identity and I like it: underconside…elbourne.php[+]

11:49 AM Jul 23rd 2009

Java is to programmers what Photoshop is to designers. An ugly beast you’d want to kill but need to tame for its power.

11:20 PM Jul 21st 2009

Online writing requires more attention to readers’ attention: the more you write, the less they read.

11:27 AM Jul 13th 2009

I was trying to be a better writer, but I found myself becoming a clearer thinker. Much the same.

11:37 AM Jul 10th 2009