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From the month of November, 2009.

I don’t care for an opposition party that opposes for opposing’s sake.

8:56 PM Nov 26th 2009

Direct, non-violent action against deforestation in Indonesia:…_action.html[+]

1:06 PM Nov 12th 2009

@rungta My thoughts exactly.

8:19 PM Nov 10th 2009

Bruce Wayne Entertainment: Can’t decide which I like more: the name or the design?

8:03 PM Nov 10th 2009

Encryption algorithms do my head in.

8:03 PM Nov 7th 2009

@paulidownunder Mostly on web apps, but iPhone’s in the picture.

8:01 PM Nov 7th 2009

Solitude is the source of success and sorrow. It will make you or break you.

3:03 PM Nov 7th 2009 Write to Minister Tony Burke. A reminder that deforestation alone accounts for 20% of greenhouse emissions.

10:38 AM Nov 6th 2009

Road trip to Sydney Festival in January. Headline acts include Al Green and A. R. Rahman! Who’s coming with me?

7:30 AM Nov 6th 2009