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From the month of January, 2009.

“There isn’t a single join in all of Tumblr’s or Instapaper’s code” – Marco Arment.[+]

3:27 PM Jan 31st 2009

Words cant express how frustrating an experience Lotus Notes is.

11:50 AM Jan 30th 2009

There’s too much debate on which programming language is best & not enough on which algorithm or database design is better suited :(

1:59 PM Jan 29th 2009

On dirt, worms & why they’re needed for a strong immune system:[+] (via kottke)

9:38 AM Jan 29th 2009

@jymloke Reading the speech doesn’t do it justice. Watch it, even if it’s later tonight.

8:43 AM Jan 21st 2009

To hell with “a professional working environment”! I’m listening to music at work.

9:47 AM Jan 20th 2009