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From the month of December, 2009.

@grahamrb Thanks mate. More to come, including our site.

2:03 PM Dec 25th 2009

DNS entries have finally kicked-in for my aforementioned site. Please update any links:

9:25 AM Dec 25th 2009

@amolpradhan A huge fan right from his first few years in F1. Attending the Australian Grand Prix is a sure thing.

8:26 AM Dec 25th 2009

Schumacher’s return made my day, so I made a website in return: Just a start. Plenty planned.

10:51 PM Dec 24th 2009

Schumacher & I announce our return to F1. He’ll be driving, I’ll be cheering. Every race, every lap, every turn & straight. Like old times.

12:52 PM Dec 24th 2009

“Politicians Talk. Leaders Act.”…/4192516599/[+] #cop15

4:43 AM Dec 18th 2009

Those @tapbots folk are at it again with Pastebot. I dig the Mac syncing feature:…re/pastebot/[+]

5:56 PM Dec 15th 2009

We mobilised huge crowds into letter formations on Princes Bridge. It read: ‘Safe Climate - Do It!’. Heard that, Copenhagen?

2:25 PM Dec 12th 2009

Join the nationwide walk against warming today. Starting at noon in Melbourne CBD, and throughout the day in cities everywhere.

9:55 AM Dec 12th 2009 There’s a walk this Saturday. In every city. It’s going to be huge.

1:26 PM Dec 7th 2009

@grahamrb Great design, right? A bright future awaits Min-Kyu Choi - he’s creating it.

1:18 PM Dec 6th 2009

@oddysee #OmmWriter sure looks compelling. Time will tell if it can replace #WriteRoom as my preferred writing tool.

5:29 PM Dec 5th 2009

An Open Letter to President Obama from Michael Moore:

6:47 AM Dec 1st 2009