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From the month of February, 2013.

I’ve learnt that product design is basically answering one question (“Is this a feature or a product?”) over and over without going insane.

8:10 AM Feb 28th 2013

@souvikdg Really enjoyed your talk. Solid tips and hilarious anecdotes :) The crowd seemed quite engaged too. Well done!

9:05 PM Feb 25th 2013

Great way to start my week with this insightful talk by @rungta: Design by Philosophy…[+]

8:15 AM Feb 25th 2013

@rungta Just caught your talk @metarefresh. Clear thoughts and analogies presented in a way that’ll stick. Well done! Q&A was great too.

8:07 AM Feb 25th 2013 in reply to rungta

Melbourne really turned it on for #WhiteNight. Please let this be an annual event. @ Birrarung Marr…/WE5AuAp_Ya/[+]

8:42 AM Feb 24th 2013

How adorable are these kids and their self-designed lunch-boxes which Sir Jony Ive reviewed:…[+]

(Via @gruber)

6:26 AM Feb 22nd 2013

@trowdy haha I feel that way about it too. Worst twitter client on iPad.

4:24 PM Feb 21st 2013 in reply to trowdy

@established1987 @jGalliers There’s a reason I’m getting Michael to email them. Shoot the messenger :)

3:50 PM Feb 21st 2013 in reply to jGalliers

@kstre Hahaha, what’s funnier is his words for justifying it: “Maybe it’s the scientific sceptic in me, but…”

6:45 AM Feb 18th 2013 in reply to kstre

@oddysee Yep, design seems to happen everywhere these days, but ideally it should be in that structure.

7:13 PM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to oddysee

@c0up @deanfra @trowdy @deanfrancis iframes? He’be be a natural with gestures.

12:32 PM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to c0up

@c0up LOL, sure hope I don’t sound like that all the time.

8:25 AM Feb 15th 2013 in reply to c0up

Job titles aside, an agency is ultimately three teams:
1. Folks who inform the design
2. Folks who design
3. Folks who realise the design

8:08 AM Feb 15th 2013

Design considers every detail. What the industry calls ‘conceptual design’ abstracts detail. Let’s call that ‘conceptual modeling’ instead.

7:43 AM Feb 15th 2013

@kstre haha, the money is mainly for IE.

6:16 PM Feb 13th 2013 in reply to kstre

@miranj What time of day were they shot? And what kit? They came out really well.

5:31 AM Feb 13th 2013 in reply to miranj

Proficiency in tools can be a prerequisite to a craft, but they can’t be its definition. Growth stems from new problems requiring new tools.

8:08 AM Feb 8th 2013

Knowing how to wireframe or photoshop doesn’t make one a designer just as typing doesn’t make one a writer. We must grow beyond our tools.

7:29 AM Feb 8th 2013

Overheard on the tram: “Myki is the best example of reinventing the wheel and coming up with a square.”

12:43 PM Feb 5th 2013