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From the month of March, 2009.

@amolpradhan iPhone? Who’s iPhone?

1:05 PM Mar 28th 2009

@amolpradhan Yikes! I thought The Big T was going strong. Not safe anywhere these days I guess

2:10 PM Mar 19th 2009

@paulidownunder I’ve had similar thoughts; barely use it

9:31 PM Mar 18th 2009

Chrome on Windows looks and functions better than Safari 4 beta on my mac. Worrisome.

4:14 PM Mar 18th 2009

@paulidownunder sure was great seeing rain come down like that

3:55 PM Mar 14th 2009

@manojn I love mexican food but haven’t been here. Will try it out now that you recommend it. Thanks

9:53 PM Mar 13th 2009

Back home after a hectic but fun week in India. Time now to reduce a massive unread count in email and RSS feeds

12:31 PM Mar 9th 2009