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From the month of March, 2011.

@rashmiswamy that’s so awesome! Says a lot when the likes of Gruber and Sandwich like it.

5:38 PM Mar 29th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

@Leissa @established1987 We’re at the Senna stand near gate 1. Let’s meet up between practice and qualifying if you guys are nearby. #F1

1:35 PM Mar 26th 2011 in reply to Leissa

P2 from the Senna Stand @ Australian F1 Grand Prix 2011

6:17 PM Mar 25th 2011

@grahamrb Incredible. I hope it’s true.

8:43 PM Mar 24th 2011 in reply to grahamrb

@oddysee Definitely Reeder and iBooks, but also try DropBox, SimpleNote, NYTimes, BBCNews, TED, IMDB, GarageBand, Marvel, and maybe Pages.

7:25 PM Mar 23rd 2011 in reply to oddysee

@oddysee must’ve been a bargain. Happy iPading.

7:07 PM Mar 23rd 2011 in reply to oddysee

@rashmiswamy I keep reading Instapaper as Instagram, but yes I heart them both.

6:03 PM Mar 23rd 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

Collected nine GP Advantage tickets for the #donline crew! #f1

12:27 PM Mar 23rd 2011

@frankfarrall And they’re being sued by Apple for infringing on their trademark, “App Store”…ademark.html[+]

7:06 AM Mar 23rd 2011 in reply to frankfarrall

@oddysee Worth a look, then worth contrasting it with the DJ store right next to it. Look for what you might think is trendy vs. timeless.

10:19 AM Mar 22nd 2011 in reply to oddysee

@deanfrancis Exactly. A sense of timelessness, please.

10:01 AM Mar 22nd 2011 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@deanfrancis Dating quickly is precisely the consequence. Leave trendiness to fashion, not in Architecture which’ll be around for years.

9:20 AM Mar 22nd 2011 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@deanfrancis I like the idea of a light filled atrium, but not their overly postmodern, arbitrary architecture.

9:12 AM Mar 22nd 2011 in reply to _deanfrancis_

The new Myer redevelopment tries to be trendy and interesting in all the wrong things.

8:27 AM Mar 22nd 2011

Loving these new Converse adverts. It says everything about their brand without saying it.[+]

6:13 PM Mar 21st 2011

@scottreismanis Cracker of an idea! Must give it a try.

8:09 PM Mar 20th 2011 in reply to scottreismanis

Death to the YouTube pop-up ad!…e-pop-up-ad/[+]

4:10 PM Mar 20th 2011

@deanfrancis Slick website too. How’s the beer?

10:14 AM Mar 20th 2011 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@deanfrancis Museo on this beer label works surprisingly well. Nice!

10:09 AM Mar 20th 2011 in reply to _deanfrancis_

@established1987 Curious, but I’m afraid @Leissa will elbow me back.

9:53 AM Mar 18th 2011 in reply to Leissa

@owenhodda Amen to that. People get excited about the medium of SM, but it should be about the message.

9:19 AM Mar 14th 2011 in reply to owenhodda

@olimpiazagnoli You’ll love the illustrated books on Indian mythology by Pixar animator Sanjay Patel:[+]

6:13 AM Mar 13th 2011 in reply to olimpiazagnoli

If the dickbar’s here to stay, shouldn’t the search bar make way? I doubt search was ever used enough to warrant the top placement.

1:38 PM Mar 12th 2011

Great dialogue between two great designers, Milton Glaser and Massimo @vignelli: designindaba…imo-vignelli[+]

8:57 PM Mar 10th 2011

Have you backed Urbanized yet? What are you waiting for? kickstarter….gary-hustwit[+]

9:39 AM Mar 6th 2011

I’ve only just noticed these large, unobtrusive barcodes on Woolworths packaging. Simple UX improvement for scanners.[+]

2:14 PM Mar 5th 2011

@andrewlitvak Or more correctly, actual usage will tell. Also, Kindle is awesome.

1:06 PM Mar 5th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

@andrewlitvak I won’t be upgrading either, but I still think it’s a game changer with its new performance and battery life.

12:56 PM Mar 5th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

@andrewlitvak The same was said of the first iPad.

12:24 PM Mar 5th 2011 in reply to andrewlitvak

Photographs are only half-truths: quotevadis.c…raphs-do-lie[+]

7:51 AM Mar 4th 2011

@Leissa Come back to our office then. Promise we won’t shoot you. :)

7:25 AM Mar 4th 2011 in reply to Leissa

@jGalliers @chesterm8 @chrisvanraay Let’s shake hands and attack @frankfarrall instead. Don’t stand a chance otherwise.

5:27 PM Mar 3rd 2011 in reply to frankfarrall

@c0uP @andrewlitvak @amandamli Can you teach me how to be a “linguistic hipster”? I really want to be linguistic hipster.

4:37 PM Mar 2nd 2011 in reply to c0uP

@jGalliers finally lands one on target! Keep practicing. #donline #nerfwar

2:55 PM Mar 2nd 2011

@established1987 Woah, something other than sushi? I’ve never seen you eat anything else.

11:11 AM Mar 1st 2011 in reply to established1987

First day of Autumn and I’m freezing already.

7:41 AM Mar 1st 2011