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From the month of September, 2012.

A retrospective on the late interaction designer, Arnaud Mercier:[+]

12:50 PM Sep 29th 2012

And that’s the fourth train too full to board. #peakhour

5:30 PM Sep 25th 2012

To anyone designing mobile web apps: take a good look at Basecamp on your phone. Insanely fast, lean and clear.

8:35 AM Sep 25th 2012

@deanfra it’s been working fine for me around Melbourne.

2:04 PM Sep 24th 2012 in reply to deanfra

@grahamrb NO! Maybe you should have lined up after all…

12:20 PM Sep 21st 2012 in reply to grahamrb

@trowdy That too, yes! So annoying.

9:59 AM Sep 21st 2012 in reply to trowdy

I cringe when I hear a design described as “sexy” or “lickable” — the thought of them actually doing that to a screen…

8:29 AM Sep 21st 2012

Well designed for a worthy cause: authenticjob…haritywater/[+]

8:21 PM Sep 19th 2012

Where’s the donate button on[+]? I feel guilty using it all the time for free.

2:48 PM Sep 19th 2012

@grahamrb better they take the time than take me up some wrong ally.

12:05 PM Sep 14th 2012 in reply to grahamrb

Who cares what nerds think about iPhones and Androids. The product that resonates with regular people’s lives is ultimately the better one.

6:22 PM Sep 13th 2012

Skeuomorphic design haters (me included): remember that the humble button, folder and desktop have skeumorphic roots too. Subtlety is key.

9:57 AM Sep 11th 2012

@deanfra Good luck working with FarmVille Fiona in the background :p

7:37 AM Sep 6th 2012 in reply to deanfra

Anything good endures. Indian classical music for example, centuries old and still inspiring bands like Maatibaani…[+]

10:00 PM Sep 4th 2012