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From the month of January, 2010.

The greatest ever keeps getting greater. Well done, Federer.

9:26 PM Jan 31st 2010

C’mon Andy!

8:36 PM Jan 31st 2010

I like Federer, but I’d like Murray to win.

7:28 PM Jan 31st 2010

@wilshipley A leaner approval process (unbiased, transparent & quick) is worth fighting for. Unsigned apps invite other problems for users.

7:06 PM Jan 31st 2010

Obama’s Q&A with the Republicans was a masterclass on debating: huffingtonpo…_442423.html[+]

3:02 PM Jan 30th 2010

Clear, decisive and reassuring. That’s how I’d sum up Obama’s 2010 State of the Union Address: whitehouse.g…middle-class[+]

11:42 PM Jan 28th 2010

Wouldn’t it be great if independent writers could publish direct to the iBooks store?

3:53 PM Jan 28th 2010

The difference that matters: iPad extends the mobile (iPhone) experience, while tablets (and netbooks) shrink the desktop experience.

9:07 AM Jan 28th 2010

@amolpradhan I can’t believe you’re wanting one.

8:30 AM Jan 28th 2010

‘iPad’ doesn’t sound right at first, but iPad and iPhone complement each other.

6:36 AM Jan 28th 2010

#iPad may not look revolutionary, but it is the first tablet device that doesn’t suck.

6:02 AM Jan 28th 2010

@oddysee Ha ha. He’s got a good view now I bet.

8:06 PM Jan 26th 2010

I’m all nostalgic after watching an episode of my childhood favourite, ‘The Jungle Book’, in Hindi. And now, I’m reading The Jungle Book.

9:11 PM Jan 25th 2010

Whatever we think Apple’s upcoming tablet will do, it will likely do less, and better.

9:04 AM Jan 25th 2010

A year on, and despite all the setbacks, I still believe in Obama as America’s best hope for change.

10:06 AM Jan 21st 2010

“Scientists say we must. Technology says we can. Politicians say we won’t.” @kuminaidoo on the status quo of climate action.

8:14 PM Jan 20th 2010

Australian Government urges its citizens to ditch Internet Explorer:

11:18 AM Jan 19th 2010

I’ll never forget experiencing this live at Sydney Festival:

11:07 PM Jan 18th 2010

Rahman’s rocking it!

8:07 PM Jan 16th 2010

A chilled out, picnic atmosphere, while we wait for A. R. Rahman Live at Sydney Festival. We’re right up front:

4:19 PM Jan 16th 2010

@oddysee I’ll add that racism & crime in general needn’t be rampant in order to be addressed seriously. My point is about reporting facts.

4:38 PM Jan 9th 2010

@oddysee Agreed, but officials on both sides are at extremities. Racism exists, but it’s not rampant - report & address it as such.

4:29 PM Jan 9th 2010

On recent student attacks in Melbourne: call to increase security but don’t call out a nation entire. Generalising is not good journalism.

12:38 PM Jan 9th 2010

@PGHarrison I’m dreading Monday already: 41 degrees!

10:35 AM Jan 9th 2010

@oddysee I didn’t miss much then.

6:55 AM Jan 9th 2010

Adoring the wall art as I climb the many stairs to Campari, a rooftoop bar on hardware lane:

9:36 PM Jan 8th 2010

Apple naysayers: at least credit them for leading in environmentally friendly design - loopinsight….h-companies/[+] and[+]

1:46 PM Jan 8th 2010

@rashmiswamy Glad you liked it too.

10:45 AM Jan 5th 2010

@oddysee If I couldn’t relate to the story, I would’ve said the same thing. Action scenes and special effects are a turn-off for some.

9:54 PM Jan 3rd 2010

I would’ve liked Avatar regardless of all that CG and 3D. The story, to me, was the film’s best special effect.

8:36 PM Jan 3rd 2010

My first album purchase of the year: Breathing Under Water. Loving the Indo-Western fusion by Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale.

12:35 PM Jan 2nd 2010