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From the month of September, 2008.

Matt Damon sums up why the alternative to Obama is scary for the US & the world at large:…=C6urw_PWHYk[+]

1:14 PM Sep 29th 2008

Jack Cafferty best sums up Sarah Palin’s stupidity:…=L8__aXxXPVc[+]

1:04 PM Sep 29th 2008

Up early for a sunrise shoot with my D40. Happy with results given its minimal features - less time fiddling, more time enjoying the moment

10:52 AM Sep 27th 2008

muxtape will never be what it used to be but at least they’re coming back in some form:

11:18 PM Sep 26th 2008

Liking the US election page on Twitter:[+]

4:25 PM Sep 26th 2008

So, Bush quickly comes up with 800 billion for saving Wall St’s ass but cant spend a bit for environment or poverty. Pathetic!

3:45 PM Sep 25th 2008

Pedestrian airbags for the weak and elderly looks wierd at first but sounds useful:

12:12 PM Sep 25th 2008

@paulidownunder Thanks Paul, yep I’m really looking forward to the scenic drives over there

10:42 AM Sep 23rd 2008

Planning out our big adventure through Tasmania in Oct. It’s finally happening and I can’t wait!

10:11 AM Sep 22nd 2008

@rungta Damn fine realignment, although search from /home was an interesting omission

1:40 PM Sep 19th 2008

@paulidownunder Do recall those awesome pics you took at NZ and Tas. What model of Nikon is yours?

9:24 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rungta Certainly doesn’t. About time I got onboard :)

4:45 PM Sep 17th 2008

@rungta Thanks! Feels right so I’m happy. In the end, it’s not
the camera, it’s the cameraman that differentiates, so let’s see…

3:01 PM Sep 17th 2008

Just purchased the Nikon D40 before it goes extinct. What a fun, simple DSLR it is! Intentionally under spec’d, lightweight & affordable

1:46 PM Sep 17th 2008

@jymloke That’s a good start. Just remember to go easy with HDR - you don’t want nature shots looking overly artificial

2:41 PM Sep 15th 2008

Tempted to sneak out of work for Monday arvo’s screening of Satyajit Ray films in Melb

10:03 AM Sep 13th 2008

Watching the Paralympians at the velodrome is awe inspiring! I’m all lumped up in the throat

4:10 PM Sep 7th 2008

Leonardo Glass Cube is another fine example of modernist architecture:…-by-3deluxe/[+]

3:05 PM Sep 7th 2008

When opening links in a new tab, Chrome doesn’t just add it at the end of the tab-list, it groups them based on source location. Neat!

5:25 PM Sep 5th 2008

@rungta Triggered by an overly photoshopped, HDR’d pic on flickr of essentially a brick. It’s also my broad opinion on other artforms

6:23 PM Sep 1st 2008

You know you’re looking at mediocre photography when it’s all about showing-off camera gadgetry & nothing about conveying emotion or message

5:52 PM Sep 1st 2008