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From the month of March, 2010.

So, I wasn’t imagining that minor earthquake:…31-rbwn.html[+]

8:28 AM Mar 31st 2010

@rekharach I wish it was just that, but we were all sitting down. Weird.

9:41 PM Mar 30th 2010

The building just moved, and I wasn’t the only one to feel it. Minor earthquake, perhaps.

6:23 PM Mar 30th 2010

@rungta Good move indeed. Let them calm down and get some perspective — it’s Hyderabad, people.

4:28 PM Mar 30th 2010

@grahamrb First to break the news for me. Updating now…

6:39 AM Mar 30th 2010

What a race.

5:45 PM Mar 28th 2010

@PGHarrison Congrats! I bought the TDI hatchback last year and love it.

11:13 AM Mar 27th 2010

Glimpses of the Rain Master from my office window. Can’t wait to see Schumacher up-close on Sunday.

5:09 PM Mar 26th 2010

The old man’s on a flying lap!

5:00 PM Mar 26th 2010

@oddysee Good for the price: waterproof, leather upper, breathable. Main thing it lacks is ankle support (not a must for casual hikes)

9:37 AM Mar 26th 2010

“The final look of anything is the by-product of the clarity (or lack of it) during its design phase.” — Massimo Vignelli

10:16 AM Mar 25th 2010

@jaigs It’s not perfect, but it’s a huge improvement over the status quo. Millions more will finally have healthcare — can’t deny that.

8:14 AM Mar 25th 2010

@oddysee Haha. Tough call, but I tend to agree. I liked the graphical representation more than anything.

5:11 PM Mar 23rd 2010

So happy for Obama right now. Energy policy’s next!

6:03 PM Mar 22nd 2010

@oddysee I thought the obsession was over, until I watched the movie. Perhaps now I should watch ‘Karthik Calling Karthik’ as a remedy.

7:57 AM Mar 22nd 2010

@rungta Gorgeous that. Even funnier reading it a second time.

7:32 PM Mar 21st 2010

@rekharach It was surprisingly good. Loved the cinematography particularly, and the background score of course.

6:48 PM Mar 21st 2010

I’m possessed by Aaromale. Watched the movie, heard the soundtrack (again) and keep coming back to that one Malayali track: Aaromale.

2:54 PM Mar 21st 2010

Now this is more like the fired-up Obama I remember from the campaign. Aggressively fighting for the right: whitehouse.g…-whats-right[+]

2:25 PM Mar 20th 2010

Dear Nestlé, I love your KitKats, but I’m holding out until you stop clearing the last Indonesian rainforests:[+]

2:05 PM Mar 19th 2010

@scottreismanis Good to hear mate. Yeah, still kicking on, though we changed directions. Beta launch shortly.

6:12 PM Mar 17th 2010

@scottreismanis Yay. Hope the pitch went well.

9:16 AM Mar 17th 2010

Reflecting on Gandhiji’s enduring words, spoken 80 years ago today, on the eve of his 390 km Salt March to Dandi: gandhi-manib…/speech4.htm[+]

6:52 PM Mar 11th 2010

I don’t use spreadsheets enough to rethink its design, but I’m sure someone does and can.

9:30 AM Mar 11th 2010

Getting used to Tweetie’s condensed UI. I miss Birdfeed, but refuse to use the acquired, renamed and defaced version that is Brizzly.

8:15 AM Mar 11th 2010

@rekharach He could be a radiologist, you know.

8:51 AM Mar 10th 2010

Storm’s subsiding. Eye witness photos are coming in:…06-pph5.html[+]

3:13 PM Mar 6th 2010

Crazy hail storm in Melbourne. Glad I cancelled this weekend’s hike.[+]

2:40 PM Mar 6th 2010

@rungta Every contribution deserves credit. Well done!

10:50 AM Mar 6th 2010

Hans Zimmer’s studio is freakishly good: stuckincusto…s-the-world/[+]

10:26 AM Mar 6th 2010

I’m generally forgetful, except I can remember every little detail of things I care about.

8:16 AM Mar 5th 2010

@oddysee Next time I switch on the TV, it’ll be to watch Crash :p

8:14 AM Mar 5th 2010

Prompted by @grahamrb, I’ve been re-watching the Intel Rockstar ad, and cracking up all over again:[+]

10:54 AM Mar 4th 2010

Why did I wait this long to watch ‘Up’? I’m overcoming my guilt by watching it several times over.

10:36 PM Mar 3rd 2010

@paulidownunder what happened this morning?

1:11 PM Mar 3rd 2010

@PGHarrison I’ve been well, thanks. We should get the old CToF crew together sometime.

9:25 PM Mar 1st 2010