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@sourima7 It did. It totally did. So glad I did the trek.

8:00 PM Jun 3rd 2013 in reply to sourima7

@3_Sided_Coin Vacationing. Will hopefully be out of reach for the next 3 days.

10:40 AM May 29th 2013 in reply to 3_Sided_Coin

Good morning from Uttarkashi. @ Uttar Kashi…/Z4NYL-Fzhx/[+]

10:36 AM May 29th 2013

Off to Dodital. brb

9:00 PM May 27th 2013

The history and evolution of the Star Wars logo: alphabettent…ar-wars.html[+]

(via @zeldman)

8:23 PM May 25th 2013

@priyanka87 Will do. Thanks for the heads up!

4:08 PM May 25th 2013 in reply to priyanka87

TIL: Ustad Zakir Hussain composed the music for Mr. and Mrs. Iyer.

1:37 AM May 24th 2013

@surdattack But fabulous work with the search and results otherwise! ‘Calendar’ finally has the prominence it deserves.

12:33 AM May 24th 2013

@surdattack Too close to Dropbox for comfort. @souvikdg almost mistook it for some sort of Dropbox integration. twitter.yfro….com/ob80udp[+]

12:31 AM May 24th 2013

@jitendravyas 1 room in the 3BHK, not the entire house.

5:42 PM May 22nd 2013 in reply to jitendravyas

There’s a room vacant in our Vasant Kunj house. It’s awesome and you should move in: delhi.craigs…1143756.html[+]

5:39 PM May 22nd 2013

@wildiris Kuremal’s fruit kulfis from Chawari Bazaar.

7:44 PM May 19th 2013 in reply to wildiris

@_karan बिलकुल श्रीमान, बिलकुल देखने लायक ।

1:53 PM May 18th 2013 in reply to _karan

@_karan आपने उनकी पहली फिल्म ‘उडान’ देखी है या नहीं ?

1:42 PM May 18th 2013 in reply to _karan

Latest from Trivedi’s infectious dept. of “spontaneous jholampatti” like Motumaster & Chakkar Ghumyo:


3:44 AM May 18th 2013

Vikramaditya Motwane sure knows how to pull them heartstrings.

‘Sawaar Loon’ from his second film, Lootera:…=7XYNqG1h0vc[+]

2:47 AM May 18th 2013

Became an ever bigger fan of @turmericdesign after visiting the Smoke House Deli at Hauz-e-Khas earlier tonight.

5:02 AM May 17th 2013