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From the month of March, 2009.

@anildavid Varenya and me. A friend of ours is there already.

9:22 PM Mar 29th 2009

@PureGolfJourney True that! There might be one person in the world who got the whole podium right.

6:02 PM Mar 29th 2009

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, 4 long months.

4:00 PM Mar 29th 2009

Drivers parade on fire brigades – that’s clever!

2:32 PM Mar 29th 2009

@wateva @rashmiswamy @rungtaakki I know and I’m jealous of all you guys with access to BBC coverage.

5:23 PM Mar 28th 2009

Gawwd. It’s like we’re watching advertisements with a bit of racing. I wish there was an option besides Channel One / Ten.

4:35 PM Mar 28th 2009

I’m already hating One/Ten’s coverage. 10 mins and 2 ads already, and this is while quali is on – WTF!!! Worse than last year.

4:12 PM Mar 28th 2009

And the 2009 F1 season is go!!

4:03 PM Mar 28th 2009

”..apart from that ugly front wing. That scares small children!” -Martin Brundle on the new F1 cars

2:32 PM Mar 28th 2009

@keeperofthekeys hits on the nail for all of us I guess!

12:23 PM Mar 27th 2009

Sydney’s finally happening over Easter! Yahooooo!

12:52 AM Mar 27th 2009

@blah_bleh You should also checkout[+] that I’d webmark’d way back. I’ve been sticking with HTML ever since.

1:22 PM Mar 26th 2009

@blah_bleh So I’m not the only one on the planet who doesn’t like Firebug! You should try out the Web Inspector in Safari 4/WebKit nightlies

12:14 AM Mar 25th 2009

A Dome and a Clock Tower it is then - prateekrungt…reet_station[+]

10:19 PM Mar 22nd 2009

A dome and a clock tower or a cone and a shot tower?

9:50 PM Mar 22nd 2009

LOL - “Predictability in computers is a very good thing because we would be in a lot of trouble if routers got bored, for example.” Theocaco

12:10 PM Mar 22nd 2009

@xAbhishek What’s new about that? :P

10:32 PM Mar 21st 2009

It’s so effing hot today :(

4:16 PM Mar 21st 2009

@blah_bleh Coffee before the mini-nap or before a night’s sleep? And isn’t one supposed to drink coffee to prevent falling asleep?

1:08 PM Mar 21st 2009

A mini nap can be so goddamn refreshing!

8:55 PM Mar 20th 2009

iTunes 8.1 finally allows one to use Autofill for any iPod but makes it impossible to actually spot the feature db.tidbits.c…rticle/10136[+]

12:00 AM Mar 17th 2009

@xAbhishek Not the Seinfeld ad, I was referring to the “Rockin’ our sales” video

2:32 AM Mar 15th 2009[+] gets a slight redesign, but I reckon they could’ve and should’ve done more than change colours and artwork.

11:14 AM Mar 14th 2009

I’ve pretty much turned off all non-WebKit updates in Safari 4. Makes me wonder what Apple was thinking (were they?) there?

9:54 PM Mar 13th 2009

@rakeshrach Yup, he is quite entertaining to say the least.

5:54 PM Mar 13th 2009

Seriously WTF: indiauncut.c…a-dinga-dee/[+] Even beats the Microsoft vista vid!

2:14 PM Mar 13th 2009

Some great deals (40%-43% off) on the old Shuffle in the refurb store….eID=DGM15565[+]

3:56 PM Mar 12th 2009

@anildavid Domino’s in Australia? Even after all those bad experiences?

8:37 PM Mar 11th 2009

Being ripped off at an italian joint didn’t fill up so we’ve come to a chinese place to get our value for money :p

5:21 PM Mar 11th 2009

“If they [hackers] shake your hand on a promise, they’ll keep it. But show them a lock and their first thought is how to pick it.” - Paul G.

10:30 PM Mar 10th 2009

It’s just the second week and I already feel like I’m slacking… Have a nice day everyone.

8:58 AM Mar 10th 2009

@xAbhishek Good to see Apple do more than just exist in India.

1:19 AM Mar 10th 2009

So, Watchmen. “Blah. Humbug.”

10:17 PM Mar 7th 2009

@wateva Dharmik, Lavin and Ashish at the wedding and Justina more recently.

10:32 AM Mar 6th 2009

Meeting people after 6 years and yet we pick up just where we left off! Hostelers are truly friends for life.

5:05 PM Mar 5th 2009

Was the Coldplay concert mind-blowingly awesome? TOTALLY!!!

12:23 AM Mar 4th 2009

Sitting in the pit right near the stage, waiting for the opening band!

5:52 PM Mar 3rd 2009

Off to rock and roll with Coldplay! :D

3:39 PM Mar 3rd 2009

What with working on a real project with a real client and a graphics intro lecture filled with Pixar shots, this sem might just be awesome!

1:36 PM Mar 3rd 2009

@sumitsharan Yup, I agree Slumdog isn’t worthy of 8 gold statues.

5:59 PM Mar 2nd 2009

@sumitsharan aren’t you a well-wisher! :P

5:16 PM Mar 2nd 2009

@rashmiswamy Don’t know if a 16 hour flight can be good. Well, I’m back to square 61.

8:29 PM Mar 1st 2009