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From the month of July, 2011.

Bad decision today. Missed out on what seems to have been an exciting Hungarian GP. One whole month :( before the next race (Spa, yay!).

11:42 PM Jul 31st 2011

[Reminder] Open Invite: Delhi-(Agra?)-Fatehpur Sikri, 6-7 Aug. Night halt at Fatehpur Sikri. Expected budget: 2k. Reservations in 24 hours.

6:11 PM Jul 31st 2011

Making way for the moon. Chandni Chowk in a different light: prateekrungt…handni_chowk[+]

1:39 PM Jul 31st 2011

@pricelessjunk Black if it can handle the other colours (text, links etc.) well, white otherwise.

1:03 PM Jul 31st 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@pricelessjunk Not exactly road signs but hey, multilingual + public transport + design. poojasaxena….ore-edition/[+]

1:14 AM Jul 31st 2011 in reply to pricelessjunk

@salvn I feel your pain brother. Even thinking about MUSO a.k.a. Blackboard gives me the creeps.

11:27 PM Jul 30th 2011 in reply to salvn

Open Invite: Delhi-(Agra?)-Fatehpur Sikri, next weekend. Night halt at Fatehpur Sikri. Expected budget: 2k. Reservations in 48 hours.

4:23 PM Jul 30th 2011

The Brick House Diner, Satya Niketan. Best [vegetarian] burger I’ve had since returning to India. More from FED: foodenthusia…-burger.html[+]

1:55 AM Jul 30th 2011

@souvikdg @lokallobaat cough Miranj music appreciation fund cough.

1:44 AM Jul 30th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

@TheDailyHoney WireTap Pro. Simple, & straightforward.

6:24 PM Jul 29th 2011

@gonsalves_r @jackerhack ‘Porn for type lovers’ is what I refer to by. How refreshing is fontsinuse.c…l-about-tea/[+] for a monospace?

7:30 PM Jul 28th 2011 in reply to gonsalves_r

Authentic, accessible, hassle-free, cheap: Andhra Bhavan Canteen. My new favourite restaurant in town.

bellycentric…andhra-meals[+] /by @souvikdg

12:46 AM Jul 28th 2011

@lokallobaat @souvikdg @bhavyakhanna @vrinda_m Definitely want to watch The Tree of Life, but unsure about the weekend just yet.

11:38 AM Jul 27th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

@lokallobaat @souvikdg Sweet. More restaurants which serve alcohol please.

11:37 AM Jul 27th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Enjoyed watching a play after almost 9 years. Almost as long as my last stage act. The Blue Mug was good, very good.

11:55 PM Jul 25th 2011

@souvikdg Print that on the back. That way, showing your back when asked “Would you like anything else?” will work on multiple levels.

1:42 AM Jul 25th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

MOMENTUS: Illustrations of iconic US history moments[+] How about an Indian version @nitinmgarg @arjunphlox @pricelessjunk?

2:42 PM Jul 24th 2011

A Think Black Line: Movie sketches by movie maker @SumitPurohit athinblackli…[+]

2:59 AM Jul 24th 2011

@jackerhack @souvikdg @nixxin 5pm at the Costa Coffee café on CP’s outer circle then. Mailed you my number just in case.

4:43 AM Jul 23rd 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@5anket Never get tired of that movie. Good stuff all round.

2:06 AM Jul 23rd 2011 in reply to 5anket

Keyboard shortcuts, tab order, window focus, everything is different in…

…iTunes 10.4. This will take some getting used to.

1:59 AM Jul 23rd 2011

@jackerhack @souvikdg @nixxin We could probably meet at Connaught Place then. When would be a good time for you?

1:52 PM Jul 22nd 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@jackerhack We @miranjdesign would love to meet up. Where in Delhi are you going to be hanging about? /cc @souvikdg

2:34 PM Jul 21st 2011 in reply to jackerhack

@_karan Subversion. Using Mercurial for 2+ years has been like freedom. Regularly tempted by git (only because of Github) though.

8:15 AM Jul 20th 2011 in reply to _karan

@eclairsk3 @erm_wat Not yet. Can’t get myself to watch Harry & Voldie jumping off a cliff.

10:48 PM Jul 19th 2011 in reply to eclairsk3

Curse the smart-ass who thought including “The Epic Conclusion to The Dark Knight Legend” in the teaser was a good idea.

12:41 AM Jul 19th 2011

@_karan खुद से (re)सेट करना पडता है, वह भी सिर्फ designer ने letter-spacing को पहले बदला हो तो। CSS के तौर से कोइ bug नहीं।

11:54 PM Jul 18th 2011 in reply to _karan

“My campaign will be based on cheaper and easier access to beer.” Peace in the South East! jacobjoseph…./jacobs-list[+] /via @DryDayDryDay

11:31 PM Jul 18th 2011

@_karan letter-spacing तो हिन्दी पर लागू ही नहीं होना चाहिए, अौर word-spacing छोटे अक्षरों को पढ़ने में मदत करता है।

11:25 PM Jul 18th 2011 in reply to _karan

@_karan जी हाँ जनाब, मगर फिलहाल मुझे देवनागरी अश्ररों को खुद blocks में wrap करना पड रहा है।

2:40 PM Jul 18th 2011 in reply to _karan

[lang=”hi”], [lang|=”hi”] {
        word-spacing: 0.1em;
        letter-spacing: 0;

2:23 PM Jul 18th 2011

Burp Another satisfying dinner at Andhra Bhavan. In spite of a very late lunch.

12:14 AM Jul 18th 2011

@rakeshrach Beautiful thing, isn’t it? Don’t miss the source microsite, it’s a treasure trove.

11:51 AM Jul 17th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

The City of Delhi Before The Siege, The Illustrated London News, January 16, 1986.…lfullmap.jpg[+] /via…iew1857.html[+]

3:05 AM Jul 17th 2011

@shalynee I’m on Aperture and the ‘Recovery’ there unfortunately isn’t very good.

12:37 AM Jul 17th 2011 in reply to shalynee

@shalynee Yup, will hunt. Thanks for that!

12:36 AM Jul 17th 2011 in reply to shalynee

Love in India by Q (a.k.a. Kaushik Mukerjee) as the penultimate selection gave the 2011 National Film Festival a fitting end.

7:56 PM Jul 16th 2011

@shalynee That seems perfect! Didn’t know something like this existed. Easily available I presume?

7:50 PM Jul 16th 2011 in reply to shalynee

So bloody difficult to get the right exposure on “cloud infested” photos. Even harder to process. Any tips/pointers?

2:32 AM Jul 16th 2011

@5anket Inside Job: prateekrungt…/411.webmark[+]

Leaving Home - The Life and Music of Indian Ocean:[+]

1:29 AM Jul 16th 2011 in reply to 5anket

@gonsalves_r Give us a holler when you’re down here. /cc @souvikdg

11:17 PM Jul 15th 2011 in reply to gonsalves_r

@souvikdg Haha. Bhaag bhaag DG-S DG-S DG-S, bhaag bhaag DG-S-DG bhaag. Aandhi aayi hai!

1:48 AM Jul 15th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

@5anket Darn you. Massive craving now.

9:21 PM Jul 14th 2011 in reply to 5anket

Mast Kalandar, duma dum.

11:52 PM Jul 12th 2011

@rakeshrach You said it! And it keeps getting better the more you read.

12:20 PM Jul 12th 2011 in reply to rakeshrach

Wikipedia night. Khyber Pass, Afghanistan, Buddhas of Bamiyan, Minaret of Jam, Shrine of Hazrat Ali, Mazar-i-Sharif, Genghis Khan, Ghurid…

2:05 AM Jul 12th 2011

@xAbhishek Ooh, interesting. Reminds me of Gotham Knight, another animated build-up to the live action release.…e/tt1117563/[+]

1:44 AM Jul 11th 2011 in reply to xAbhishek

@sonix15 Absolutely! He was so knocked out the whole movie.

12:09 AM Jul 11th 2011 in reply to sonix15

Awesomely entertaining dying scene by Irrfan Khan in Yeh Saali Zindagi. Fun movie.

12:05 AM Jul 11th 2011

Woke up to rain tapping gently on the window sill, Le Moulin playing softly in the room.

10:20 AM Jul 9th 2011

@lokallobaat Yeah dunno what’s up with that, but let’s not discredit direction due to productions. Though I liked Karthik Calling Karthik.

2:28 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

@PranavBakliwal @lokallobaat And in any case, YouTube is soon getting a clean interface update by default.[+]

1:20 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to PranavBakliwal

@PranavBakliwal @lokallobaat They claim to have extensions for FireFox and Chrome as well, just in case.

1:19 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to PranavBakliwal

@PranavBakliwal @lokallobaat Ha! Btw, you guys should also check out the ‘A Cleaner YouTube’ Safari extension.[+]

1:17 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to PranavBakliwal

@lokallobaat @PranavBakliwal Well of the 3 he’s directed, one was legendary, one came close and third was not too bad. Complaining much?

1:14 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Afghani for dinner today. The flavours are still playing with my tongue.

Borani Banjan was heavenly!

12:59 AM Jul 9th 2011

@tuhin And although they’ve de-emphasised it now with all the new additions, their Camera Comparison tool is god-sent![+]

12:56 AM Jul 9th 2011 in reply to tuhin

Tweet typos just sit there, taunting, gloating, daring you.

12:21 AM Jul 8th 2011

‘Our Little Corner of the World’ (photos by Kriti Arora) framedandfoc…world-2.html[+]

Now that is house worth living in.

12:02 AM Jul 8th 2011

Craving bubble tea.

10:30 PM Jul 7th 2011

Two Worlds (photo by The Delhi Walla).[+]

1:37 PM Jul 7th 2011

@DryDayDryDay Not nearly drunk enough to log on to Facebook, but yay for you! :)

1:00 PM Jul 6th 2011 in reply to DryDayDryDay[+] Excellent! They’re also on twitter @DryDayDryDay.

2:24 AM Jul 6th 2011

@rashmiswamy And you were worried the weather might ruin it!

2:37 PM Jul 4th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

OH: “Dhoka nahin de raha hoon main. Maal hai mere paas, Metro mein.

“Main aa raha hoon.”

12:21 AM Jul 4th 2011

National Film Festival 2011: Aadukalam. Best Direction, Actor, Screenplay, Editing, Choreography & Special Mention Award. 2:00 PM Siri Fort.

12:29 PM Jul 3rd 2011

@lut4rp They’re decent enough (read: no neck pain), but you can find better seats for the 200+ they charge.

2:34 AM Jul 2nd 2011 in reply to lut4rp

Retro Pop Shit.

12:13 AM Jul 2nd 2011

“1 days ago”.

Details people.

11:21 PM Jul 1st 2011

Possibly the last great example of Mughal architecture and stonework. Safdarjung ka Maqbara: prateekrungt…darjung_tomb[+]

9:01 PM Jul 1st 2011

@vrinda_m Trains and filums, me like! Two fav recent out-of-scope features: Udaan titles…[+] Omana Penne…[+]

7:05 PM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to vrinda_m

@ugmonk Spotted a guy sporting a counterfeit Math Problem + ‘Lee Cooper’ tee here in Delhi, India. Guess your designs have truly arrived!

6:18 PM Jul 1st 2011

@rashmiswamy Home, thanks to the resourcefulness of one @lokallobaat. All hail the internet.q

12:01 AM Jul 1st 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy