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From the month of March, 2010.

@rungtaakki Feb 2008 to April 2010 and counting…

12:38 PM Mar 31st 2010

@rakeshrach People often forget that quick and responsible government action can go a long way in preventing violence. Live example here.

4:38 PM Mar 30th 2010

Smart decision to stop matters getting out of hand and prevent full-scale riots.

2:24 PM Mar 30th 2010

Tonight’s (achieved) target: Reduce agony of visiting[+] by creating a script to archive editorials in plain text.

1:58 AM Mar 29th 2010

Creating a UTF-8 encoded file from Python that is rightly detected by other apps is not at all obvious.
Stole nearly 40 mins of my time!

12:53 AM Mar 29th 2010

What an amazing action packed race this Australian Grand Prix is turning out to be!

4:38 PM Mar 28th 2010

Everyone except Bernie Ecclestone and maybe Felipe Massa hates the Bahrain circuit. Great tracks always produce great races.

10:34 AM Mar 28th 2010

@rungtaakki Wow, you’ve outdone yourself this time! Respect.

10:41 AM Mar 26th 2010

@_karan it’s pathetic really. I’d use the (much faster) spotlight if only the interface wasn’t as horrible.

2:24 PM Mar 24th 2010

It’s 2010 and Safari still hangs up every time I search my bookmarks and/or history.

1:55 PM Mar 24th 2010

@sumitsharan woah! How the hell did you manage that?

1:36 AM Mar 24th 2010

It’s OK not to preach.

12:52 PM Mar 23rd 2010

@ShashiTharoor Cricket, anywhere in India, and neglected? Doesn’t sound right.

3:52 PM Mar 22nd 2010

@rashmiswamy Nice work to you too!

1:32 PM Mar 22nd 2010

@sumitsharan I also like ‘Keh Leh Dil Se’ from the same album and by the same musician+singer.

11:54 PM Mar 21st 2010

@_karan to make the process of screen scraping internet movie overlords a little less painful. :)

3:41 PM Mar 16th 2010

Any volunteers interested in doing some dev work for/with me?

I promise I’ll tell everyone what a great guy/gal you are. :)

10:32 PM Mar 15th 2010

Hey @DibakarBanerjee, will @lsdthemovie get a release down here in Australia?

1:20 PM Mar 14th 2010

@DibakarBanerjee is King! Had forgotten how awesome “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!” was since misplacing my DVD an year ago.

1:15 AM Mar 12th 2010

And the slacking resumes.

2:23 PM Mar 11th 2010

Surprised at the lack of a menu item to select the ‘Instant Alpha’ tool in Preview.

1:32 PM Mar 10th 2010

number of grids = (page width + gutter) / (grid width + gutter)

1:02 AM Mar 10th 2010

Martin Brundle: “I don’t think Alonso cares who’s in the other Ferrari - he’s not looking for a new best friend.”…./8552722.stm[+]

9:26 PM Mar 9th 2010

Talking to a friend who got her results 3 days back: “So, you’re an MBA now.”

MBA: “Oh yaa! Shit, I completely forgot about that!”

8:38 PM Mar 8th 2010

My MacBook Pro turned 3 yesterday!

1:27 AM Mar 7th 2010

@rungtaakki Did you get a new hard disk?

11:59 PM Mar 6th 2010

Loving the Melbourne hail. Hope it doesn’t lead to a city-wide fail though.

2:19 PM Mar 6th 2010

@benegal What about Australia? When does ‘Road, Movie’ release down under?

4:50 PM Mar 5th 2010

@rungtaakki Yup, was going to go - twice, plans got changed - twice!

11:56 AM Mar 3rd 2010

@rungtaakki Haven’t seen it yet.

11:38 AM Mar 3rd 2010

Completed the most interesting ignored history lesson: India After Gandhi.

12:42 AM Mar 3rd 2010

@sourima7 It was all in the jadoo of the lecturer and not lack of sleep.

5:00 PM Mar 2nd 2010

I’d forgotten just how deeply one can go to sleep in a lecture theatre. What a joy to experience that once again.

10:31 AM Mar 2nd 2010

Movies, movies, movies.

10:14 PM Mar 1st 2010

“Darth just happens to be the baddie here. All the books use Darth as the bad guy. I don’t know why.”

Really? Heard of Lord-fucking-Vader?

4:00 PM Mar 1st 2010