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From the month of June, 2011.

@bhavyakhanna @lokallobaat Yes yes, coveted too. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. /cc @souvikdg

2:27 PM Jun 30th 2011 in reply to bhavyakhanna

@lokallobaat Yes paaji. 300 wali pikchar yaad nahin?

2:12 PM Jun 30th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

Compiling Goa travel advisory for a cousin.


1:09 AM Jun 30th 2011

Fruits, Market, Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. nidhis.tumbl…541/sarojini[+]

12:29 AM Jun 30th 2011

@Naina Been on the lookout for a fine printer myself. Do share if you find any worthy ones.

1:39 AM Jun 29th 2011

Also, did you know that the first train on the Easter Railway ran from Howrah to Hoogly on… 15th August, 1854? Happy coincidence!

1:23 AM Jun 29th 2011

From the second episode of BBC’s Monsoon Railway: “No matter what the weather, Bengal thrives on protest.”

1:23 AM Jun 29th 2011

@toor_sunny No idea man. IMAX is a distant memory here in Delhi. Check the upcoming list on their Melbourne site.

2:36 PM Jun 28th 2011 in reply to toor_sunny

@lokallobaat Aur jao Mallika Sherawat ke gaon mein.

3:14 AM Jun 27th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

National Film Festival 2011: Leaving Home – The Life and Music of India Ocean. 2:00 PM, Siri Fort Auditorium. Free entry.

1:21 PM Jun 26th 2011

Delicious, filling dinner at Andhra Bhavan Canteen. First proper South Indian meal since last December. Thanks a lot for the tip @aroradush!

12:11 AM Jun 26th 2011

@souvikdg @aroradush Hear, hear! Good thing you’ve started here. Let’s keep it going.

12:06 AM Jun 26th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

Massive house cleaning undertaken today. Unearthed kilos of dust, three huge cartons of waste and discovered some original colours.

5:00 PM Jun 25th 2011

@lokallobaat There’s a reason why you weren’t included in that tweet. :P

10:27 PM Jun 24th 2011 in reply to lokallobaat

@souvikdg @aroradush @TimesofBullshit Food attack some time this weekend or the next?

10:25 PM Jun 24th 2011

@rungtaakki @rashmiswamy @wateva Hahaha. In the case of an accident, the glove compartment falls open and …

10:30 PM Jun 23rd 2011 in reply to rungtaakki

LIC Building, Connaught Place

1:59 AM Jun 22nd 2011

@souvikdg @lokallobaat And we’ll come along and get the Kulfi under our belts as well.

11:30 PM Jun 21st 2011 in reply to souvikdg

Strange seeing Roger Federer somewhere in the middle with a ‘3’ next to his name. prateekrungt…don/2011/men[+]

10:44 PM Jun 21st 2011

@rashmiswamy Groundwork. Also, you just gave me an awesome idea.

11:41 PM Jun 19th 2011 in reply to rashmiswamy

The Vwight Indian Pond Heron, spotted at the Bokaro City Park prateekrungt…n_pond_heron[+]

2:34 PM Jun 19th 2011

Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson awesomepeopl…-liam-neeson[+]

2:14 AM Jun 14th 2011

OH: “Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.”

2:05 AM Jun 14th 2011

@5anket Watching a Formula 1 race at Spa.. one of the things I want to do before I die.

1:08 AM Jun 13th 2011 in reply to 5anket

Before, after, light, perspective. wvs.topleftp…om/11/06/08/[+]

12:23 AM Jun 12th 2011

Holy… Massimo Vignelli is speaking at this year’s Kyoorius Designyatra! September, Goa. Going crazy. designyatra….ra-2011.html[+]

2:15 PM Jun 9th 2011

@TuhinKumar @tuhin Congrats! Did the callout tweet do the trick or was there some behind-the-scenes action involved? #help

10:37 PM Jun 7th 2011 in reply to tuhin

Webmark blast-from-the-past: The Power of Editing, by @mattlinderman over at Signal vs Noise.…-pretty-good[+]

10:35 PM Jun 7th 2011

Drat. Anyone in Delhi yet to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 and willing to go for it on a weekday?

8:58 PM Jun 6th 2011

Activating SBI Netbanking. First option amongst the list of security questions: “What is the website that you rarely visit?”

7:34 PM Jun 5th 2011

@souvikdg Same here. I think it is horribly jumbled up.

8:22 AM Jun 5th 2011 in reply to souvikdg

Gomoh Station. Fond memories of watching the engine change ends here every time we travelled on the BKSC-HWH route. #TweetLike: @purisubzi

8:56 PM Jun 4th 2011

@ytvinay Thanks! Awaiting your next Andaman installment.

7:20 PM Jun 4th 2011 in reply to ytvinay

From the 2010-11 Trains At a Glance: “Calcutta is land of today searching for tomorrow rather than remembering yesterday.”

6:27 PM Jun 4th 2011

I have a train to catch. You should too. prateekrungt…train_travel[+]

[featuring photos SOOMiC] /cc @pricelessjunk

5:06 PM Jun 4th 2011

@jackerhack I use @Dynadot as both my registrar and DNS manager for all my domains. Extremely satisfied.

11:21 PM Jun 2nd 2011 in reply to jackerhack

I try not to read too much into first impressions, but saala Delhi Belly is forcing me to make an exception. Kya trailers, kya gaane!

9:10 PM Jun 2nd 2011

Using public transport is cheap, responsible, helps the environment and reduces congestion. But you already knew that. blog.souvikd…-i-sold.html[+]

7:34 PM Jun 2nd 2011

Returning Home: Indian students reverse the “brain drain” lured by the growing domestic market…sia-13595196[+]

3:57 PM Jun 2nd 2011

Bidding this blasted cold & fever goodbye with a healthy dosage of Batata Puri, Chanachur and ‘Double’ puchkas.

7:45 PM Jun 1st 2011