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From the month of August, 2012.

@turmericdesign :) On closer inspection, that ‘in’ totally gives you away.

11:42 PM Aug 29th 2012 in reply to turmericdesign

@turmericdesign SO good! I wondered who’d done the cover when I saw it yesterday and how wonderful to find out it was your work.

2:55 AM Aug 29th 2012 in reply to turmericdesign

Spa-Francorchamps this weekend!

7:44 PM Aug 28th 2012

@gonsalves_r Such a valuable resource that. Miss having access to my university library and titles such as these.

6:00 PM Aug 26th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

OH: ट्विट्याते


12:35 PM Aug 24th 2012

@keeperofthekeys They’ll apparently be back in October.

9:29 PM Aug 23rd 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

What principle? This – “Creators need an immediate connection to what they’re creating.”

@worrydream, explaining why:[+]

1:52 PM Aug 22nd 2012

So good to see @worrydream’s principle taken to heart in @khanacademy’s effort to make Computer Science appealing again khanacademy….as/882454257[+]

1:52 PM Aug 22nd 2012

@wildiris And ohhai, welcome (back?) to Tiwtter. Did not know you were on here. All those unattributed links I’ve tweeted…

11:30 AM Aug 22nd 2012

@keeperofthekeys Pfft, stupid broken link. This banner should give you all the required info:…359270772736[+]

10:30 AM Aug 22nd 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@keeperofthekeys By ticket (so far as I know). Available at buzzintown.c…/delhi/event[+]—piya-behrupiya-play/id—642971.html

10:23 AM Aug 22nd 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@wildiris I feared the same after hearing about its length (brought back Kingdom of Dreams horrors), but what a way to be proved wrong!

10:22 AM Aug 22nd 2012 in reply to wildiris

Think comedy, tragedy & Shakespeare.
Geet, naach & Kabir.
शानदार performances.

Piya Behrupiya at Kamani. 2 days left. Go go go!

11:58 PM Aug 21st 2012

@tuhin One of the earliest posts on the topic (and possibly the coining of the “Slow Web” term) — blog.idoneth…web-movement[+]

2:52 PM Aug 21st 2012 in reply to tuhin

“… then turns you into a storyteller.”…/7803773584/[+]

11:26 AM Aug 19th 2012

@aditya I’m more of a ‘Clocks’ & ‘Green Eyes’ person, thus X&Y. Have you heard ‘Clocks’ from their LeftRightLeftRightLeft live album?

8:54 PM Aug 18th 2012 in reply to aditya

X&Y. Favourite Coldplay album.

1:33 AM Aug 18th 2012

There’s no bottom. Indeed.[+]

3:42 PM Aug 17th 2012

@_karan There’s @meyerweb’s…followerlap/[+] but I suppose you’re looking for a more detailed version. @anexasajoop

3:23 PM Aug 17th 2012 in reply to _karan

@GnrlMxms Or the data itself in a plain text format. It is already in the public domain, right?

6:20 PM Aug 16th 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

Any idea if the @Flipkart 30 second previews are at the purported 320kbps or at a lower bitrate?

12:48 AM Aug 16th 2012


No? Take a look anyway:…ing-the-moon[+]

11:14 PM Aug 15th 2012

OH caller tune: Ishq aur pyar ka maza lijiye, thoda intezaar ka maza lijiye.

1:11 PM Aug 15th 2012

@erm_wat I think Tweetbot does just that (and a lot more).…/icloud-sync[+]

11:27 PM Aug 12th 2012 in reply to erm_wat

“infinitely high and full of stars”…148869775360[+]

11:15 PM Aug 12th 2012

Law meets open source:

German Laws on GitHub –…-regulations[+]

Docracy (GitHub for legal docs) –[+]

More please!

12:59 AM Aug 11th 2012

@nimitnshah This @5anket is a complete tag whore. And an awesome photographer.

1:34 PM Aug 10th 2012 in reply to nimitnshah

The @NH7 Weekender is coming to Delhi![+]

4:13 PM Aug 9th 2012

@nigelbabu Right!? It’s like one of those “divine interventions” that lawyers put in their contracts.

2:03 PM Aug 8th 2012 in reply to nigelbabu

“A customer had a lightning strike hit her computer during checkout, & as a consequence the JS callback fired 36 times……all-fortune/[+]

1:57 PM Aug 8th 2012

@hasgeek Yup. Looking forward to the new developments.

1:43 PM Aug 8th 2012 in reply to hasgeek

@hasgeek The effect is certainly more prominent on larger screens, but I found it a little too tight even on a regular ~1100 x ~800 screen.

1:35 PM Aug 8th 2012 in reply to hasgeek

@surdattack That such screens nudge people more effectively than the interface (and content) itself is the fallacy in contention here. :)

12:41 AM Aug 8th 2012 in reply to surdattack

@Cleartrip Got to say I was a little disappointed to find instructional screens in the iOS app. Have faith in your UI! subtraction….explanations[+]

11:14 PM Aug 7th 2012

@GnrlMxms Yup, and about the only complaint I have is that Github runs on Git and not Mercurial.

1:32 AM Aug 6th 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

@GnrlMxms If you haven’t done so already, give Mercurial a shot.[+]

9:43 PM Aug 5th 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

@keeperofthekeys Like, properly bana ke or the ingredients? Any good? @lokallobaat

9:31 PM Aug 5th 2012 in reply to keeperofthekeys

@lokallobaat Finally! Up for a trip to one of the outlets today?

4:39 PM Aug 5th 2012 in reply to lokallobaat

@_karan You’re probably right. Still makes me chuckle though.

11:54 AM Aug 5th 2012 in reply to _karan

“Fixed bugs from the future.” — @instapaper 4.2.4 change log.

1:30 AM Aug 5th 2012

@xAbhishek Loads of times. Even took a shot at building one, but never stuck on to any other than analog sketches and the browser. @souvikdg

2:51 AM Aug 2nd 2012 in reply to xAbhishek

@DilliDaily Nah. Back at work. :/

Plan to catch Prague at 10pm on Friday.

2:06 PM Aug 1st 2012 in reply to DilliDaily

@gonsalves_r @sshreyas Wow! We really should have some public resource of what appears to be an exploding “landscape”.

1:34 PM Aug 1st 2012

@DilliDaily Yeah, and let the cast do it’s thing and not get too technical. Quite enjoyable. I was in the balcony too! Late arrival.

1:19 PM Aug 1st 2012 in reply to DilliDaily

@DilliDaily Dang! I was at the 10ml Love screening myself. Liked it?

1:14 PM Aug 1st 2012 in reply to DilliDaily

@hasgeek A little more whitespace around the content in your next update, perhaps?

1:11 PM Aug 1st 2012 in reply to hasgeek