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“I like to be the one that sits opposite them in the restaurant, looks their eyes and lies to them.…e3665604.ece[+]

10:38 PM Jul 31st 2012

@GnrlMxms Once you have your estimations nailed, work on efficiency. Don’t mix the two steps.

10:30 PM Jul 31st 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

@GnrlMxms We humans are hopelessly optimistic, especially when it comes to predicting our own behaviour. Let history be your guide.

10:30 PM Jul 31st 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

@GnrlMxms Make your estimations as close to reality as possible. Retrospect after every passed target, re-evaluate based on the past.

10:30 PM Jul 31st 2012 in reply to GnrlMxms

… ever changing hands from one disparate ruler to the next, [Delhi] has never been one to linger on its past. prateekrungt…/431.webmark[+]

1:52 AM Jul 31st 2012

@5anket Slim bespectacled Winterian fellow?

1:39 PM Jul 28th 2012 in reply to 5anket

@anildavid Blow away myself! What a way to end the series. Gutted about not watching it on an IMAX like last time though. :(

9:21 AM Jul 25th 2012 in reply to anildavid

Passenger Amenities at Naupada:

Shady Trees – 19
Well Maintained Platform Surface – Exists…/7026848473/[+] (via @purisubzi)

1:43 AM Jul 25th 2012

“But if you view design as ‘problem solving’ then all bets are off.”

@bokardo on scheduling design —…ng-problems/[+]

6:25 PM Jul 24th 2012

OH: Reshmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. #ringtone

2:36 PM Jul 24th 2012

The reason he knew inception was possible is because it’d been done before.…=WHsHKzYOV2E[+] 19:45 onwards.

1:59 PM Jul 24th 2012

@ap00rv @souvikdg @xAbhishek Exactly why 3+ people are going to try and finish ONE burger.

10:58 PM Jul 18th 2012 in reply to ap00rv

@gonsalves_r Hehe. Feared as much looking at your Dribbble shots. The web designer’s rite of passage?

6:31 PM Jul 18th 2012 in reply to gonsalves_r

@rasagy Different interpretations of art, yes, but a consistent interpretation of design. It’s the “what is design” question that drives me.

11:50 PM Jul 17th 2012 in reply to rasagy

@rasagy Ah well. There’s so much to be said and discussed here. Maybe next time we meet.

1:05 PM Jul 17th 2012 in reply to rasagy

@rasagy I’m not sure how worthwhile it is to get worked up about definitions, but I’m a sucker for Art vs Design discussions. Much fun.

3:46 PM Jul 16th 2012 in reply to rasagy


“It’s been a while since I’ve written about a movie… prateekrungt…/430.webmark[+]

2:14 PM Jul 16th 2012

@nitinmgarg Great! Excited to see what you guys come up with.

2:01 PM Jul 16th 2012 in reply to nitinmgarg

@erm_wat “I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

12:51 PM Jul 16th 2012 in reply to erm_wat

OH: And as always last minute is the best time to finish.

11:02 PM Jul 15th 2012

They’ve decided to create a feature length documentary out of their journey called u-ra-mi-li (the song of our people).[+]

4:12 PM Jul 15th 2012

Remember that ‘somethingwehavealwayswantedtodo’ pair travelling around India capturing local performers & musicians? prateekrungt…/419.webmark[+]

4:12 PM Jul 15th 2012

@shalynee Sheh… what happened to your famous people backdoor connections?

1:35 PM Jul 14th 2012 in reply to shalynee

@shalynee Please to share unofficial source.

2:00 AM Jul 14th 2012 in reply to shalynee

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Who are your peers? prateekrungt…/361.webmark[+]

Web Education, Academia and Relevance prateekrungt…/399.webmark[+]

1:02 AM Jul 14th 2012

“The organic pursuit of any solution is infinitely more valuable when grounded by a real problem…[+]

@fat, fvck school

1:01 AM Jul 14th 2012

@shalynee By Amit Trivedi, right? It is out already?

10:27 AM Jul 13th 2012 in reply to shalynee

Stats from the 4,50,000 leaked Yahoo passwords:[+]

Would never have guessed ‘ninja’ to be the 5th most popular password.

1:37 AM Jul 13th 2012

“[Chennai] weather makes you want to watch back to back shows of Teri Meri Kahaani just to stay inside an AC auditorium randomproces…/11/chennai/[+]

5:02 PM Jul 12th 2012

@xAbhishek I’ve been using it on and off on the iPhone since Twitter removed the Instapaper integration. Gotta say it’s growing on me.

2:00 PM Jul 12th 2012 in reply to xAbhishek

The restrained but highly effective background score from Shanghai, by Mikey McCleary (of The Bartender fame) — soundcloud.c…m-soundtrack[+]

1:03 PM Jul 11th 2012

@mightyboosher Happy the Budday old boy!

11:13 PM Jul 1st 2012